School Senate 11/08/2010

Committee Minutes

School Senate 11/08/2010

New York University

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development

School Senate Meeting – November 8, 2010


1.    Welcome – Bill Wesbrooks, Senate Chair

Minutes of the meeting of October18, 2010, were approved.

2.    Report of the Deans – Mary Brabeck  

  • Quality of Higher Education:  The current emphasis on quantifying the outcomes of postsecondary institutions is dangerous in very many ways.  If that is the focus, how is the worth of professors determined?  What is the value of learning Latin?  John Sexton has been outspoken against this movement.  It is important to understand what’s happening and to figure out how we can position our school.  Teaching & Learning has done incredible work figuring out how to determine student outcomes, now and longitudinally.  As we think about how we look at ourselves during our accreditation processes, can the Senate and the departments engage these conversations?  How do we know the value of our work?
  • Google at NYU: Discussions will occur about interaction with social media. 
  • Capital Planning:  At this time can stretch out a bit because of the move of nursing out of Kimball.  Plans include: ventilated practice rooms, repair of HVAC, upgraded kitchens in nutrition, shifts in Pless.  This plan is “draft.”  Much depends on “test fits” but the point is to maximize every inch of space, increase the footprint of the Steinhardt School, and create space appropriate for our academic mission.  The first priority is the Education Building 11th floor, which is in the worst shape.

 3.    Report from the GSO

  • Students are interested in more academic events.  Requests for professional development funds are being received.  GSO is looking forward to working with alums and creating a network.  Many other activities are underway including a student satisfaction survey, planning the semi-formal, hosting another deans’ hour – and more.

 4.    Report of the Faculty Council – Bill Wesbrooks

Faculty Academic Affairs Committee – Sandra Lang, Chair

  • The Doctoral Affairs Committee presented a recommendation to modify the procedures regarding the timing of the dissertation proposal review and candidacy.  This will be introduced at the next faculty meeting for discussion in the departments and at the January faculty meeting.
  • GSO representatives indicated that some students raised concerns about academic advisement.  Dean Carey will follow up to get more information about the specific issue.  However, there are many differences in advisement across departments and programs, e.g., faculty or staff advisers; expectations of students and advisers about advisement.  Dean Carey is working on principles of advisement including faculty and student roles. 
  • MAP courses: Erich Dietrich reported that Steinhardt is continuing to develop new courses, e.g., math requirement, science requirement.  Heather Herrera has been spearheading efforts so that all the advisers know about what courses are available.  Study abroad includes MAP course requirements. 

[Discussion: Where we are with online course feedback forms.  With have contracted with an outside group to develop an online form with minimal changes in content to the current form.  Bob Tobias, Jim Ford, Beth Weitzman, and Lindsay Wright are working on implementation.  A small pilot will be planned for spring courses and then all summer courses to prepare for full implementation in the fall term.

The form can be more customized at all levels.  Departments will make those decisions.  Open-ended questions will remain.  Procedures for the forms to go back to faculty will also continue.  Demonstrations will be provided to students and faculty.

 Questions were raised about what information will be available to students and when as well as how those decisions will.

School Planning Committee – Fran Stage, Chair

Budget Priority Survey: A revised budget priority ranking will be emailed to faculty.

[Discussion: What is happening with the adjunct faculty contract?  The contract has been extended until the end of November.  The union could still take a strike authorization vote and that is expected.  There will be a discussion with the chairs about how courses will be covered in the event of a strike.

Faculty Affairs Committee – Teboho Moja, Chair

The primary topic has been implementation of the clinical faculty guidelines.  An implementation plan will be distributed for discussion.


Respectfully submitted,

Terry A. Astuto, Faculty Secretary