Faculty Meeting #6 Minutes 2012-4-9

Committee Minutes

Faculty Meeting #6 Minutes 2012-4-9


1.     Call to Order, Welcome & Announcements: Dean Mary Brabeck

Minutes of the meeting of March 5, 2012, were approved.

Informational Material:  Report of Steinhardt funding of over $100 million over the past three years; a booklet identifying Steinhardt faculty and students scheduled to present at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association; Music Events calendar lists another fabulous year for the Department of Music and Performing Arts - Congratulations! “Brag sheets” identify the recent work of the faculty (these are also sent to President Sexton who frequently uses them to put together his “brag sheet” for distribution to the University Senate.

Congratulations and thanks to Courtney Bowe for getting our news out to many sources ranging from the New York Times to the Washington Square News.

 2.     Report from the Steinhardt Senate – Bill Wesbrooks, Chair

Graduate Student Organization, Brian Dooley, Co-Chair, Publicity Committee

Since the last meeting, GSO: sponsored a screening of “Misrepresentation” in recognition of International Women’s Day; joined with USG for the “day of service”; held a social for members of GSO, CMEP, Wagner, and NYU Law; held the last GSO Town Hall meeting for the semester.  Upcoming events: USG/GSO Deans’ Hour; coffee talk with Wasserman staff; attendance at the President’s Service Award Ceremony – GSO will receive an award; GSO social on April 26; day of relaxation on May 1 from 12:00 – 5:00.  Also, GSO elections are coming up – please encourage students to vote.  Finally, be sure to nominate a student, faculty member, or staff member for the Star Awards.

Undergraduate Student Organization, Joey Kopriva, USG President

USG was involved in many events including: the Day of Service during which they wrote 1050 cards for “love letters” that get sent to terminally ill children and donated 19 bags of clothing to Goodwill; sponsored a Deans’ hour.  Faculty and staff were invited to purchase a “Steinosaurus” T-Shirt for $5 and to sign up for the Tip-to-Tip Charity Walk. (Those who did both would receive a free “USG bracelet.)  The faculty was also invited to attend the Spring Awards Gala.

Report from the University Senators – Wen Ling

A written report was provided.  Two point were highlighted: the second 2031 Forum on April 20, 2012, 2-4 p.m.; the possibility of a 20% rent reduction for apartments that would be most affected by the construction.

Report from the Faculty Council – Bill Wesbrooks

Reminder: The Steinhardt Faculty Governance election is coming up.  Consider nominating a colleague or yourself by completing the “Call for Nominations” (provided) or emailing Bill Wesbrooks or Terry Astuto.

 3.     Reports from the Dean – Dean Mary Brabeck

Center for Research on Teaching & Learning (Transitions): The Center will be searching for a new director because Bob Tobias will be retiring at the end of the summer.  A number of us have come to realize that the Center does many things, e.g., provides data for accreditation for the Department of Teaching & Learning.  Jim Kemple will chair this search with committee members: Richard Arum, Sean Corcoran, Heather Herrera, Matthew Mayhew, Rachel Maxwell, Rosa Pietanza

 Brooke Astor Gift: The gift will fund a creative program for NYC teachers that would allow them to travel and reward them for their service.  Steinhardt will receive a $2Million endowment to be used for developing an Astor Fellows program that will provide international travel opportunities for NYC teachers.

2031 Mitigation Efforts: The 2031 Plan is a plan when we hadn’t had a plan.  We upgrade space and expand our footprint regularly on a need basis.  2031 is a longer-term plan that projects needs and begins a fundraising effort.  There will be unpleasantries on the blocks where we live and a series of mitigation efforts are being considered including windows to shield from noise and dust, possible rent reductions for apartments that will be most affected (criteria to be determined), etc.  Let the Steinhardt senators or chair or deans know if you have specific issues or recommendations.

Commencement:  The NYU commencement will be held at Yankee Stadium on May 16th.  U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor will be the speaker.  Also, remember to attend at least one of our school celebrations – the Baccalaureate and Valedictory – at Radio City Music Hall on Tuesday, May 15th.

Strategic Planning: Participate by signing up for the listening sessions and completing the online survey.  The consultants will meet with departments if the faculty wants them to do that.  The planning committee met once; the consultants are out gathering info; they will come back to the committee and begin to start shaping the big ideas that will move us forward and guide fundraising.

Online Course Evaluation Updates – Brendan Woodcock

Results from the Fall term have been released.  Students can now view limited results.  Go to: https://steinardt.nyu.edu/evals.  The Spring timeline: invitations will be going out from April 17 through May 8, six emails by the reading day.  There has been lots of feedback about starting too early but it is important to promote student participation.

Planning Notes:  The committee is considering the task of reducing and re-ordering the questions, beginning with school-wide questions and then department-based questions.  There will be student surveys about the evaluation and the process in late May.  Student focus groups have been conducted, run by doctoral students and advised by faculty.  Student suggestions include: rewording some questions; the communication timeline; concerns about anonymity.  Student feedback is already being integrated.

Ongoing work: proposal for revision of evaluation instrument; continued discussion in faculty advisory committee; piloting customization with an eye to shortening the form.

“Benefits Minute” – Beth Weitzman

Check out the NYU backup child and adult care program (e.g., participants may be eligible for 75% of the cost for emergency care).   Also note information about: babysiters.com; sittercity.com; care.com; information on how to get these home needs met. 

 4.     Griffths Research Award  

[Recognizes research of faculty that makes a major contribution to their fields of knowledge and professional practice or represents an innovative breakthrough or major advancement in knowledge, method, design, theory, or practice.  Daniel E. Griffiths was Dean of NYU Steinhardt, 1965-1983, and a leading scholar in the field of educational leadership.]

Introduction – Beth Weitzman, Vice Dean

Charlton McIlwain, Associate Professor of Media, Culture & Communication

Presentation: The Race Card: Beyond the “Know It When I See It” Approach




Respectfully submitted,

Terry A. Astuto, Faculty Secretary