Faculty Meeting #3 Minutes 2011-11-14

Committee Minutes

Faculty Meeting #3 Minutes 2011-11-14


1.     Call to Order & Welcome: Dean Mary Brabeck

The minutes of the meeting of October 24, 2011, were approved.

Dean Brabeck observed that we are approaching the holiday seasons and then the end of the semester and then the new year!  Remember that this time of the year can be stressful for our students and their families as well as for our colleagues.  Be sure to note the many accomplishments of the faculty (“update” distributed) and the numerous events that are underway.

2.     Report from the Steinhardt Senate – Bill Wesbrooks, Chair

Reports from the Student Organizations

Graduate Student Organization, Victoria Sung, GSO President

The GST is connecting to the wide array of graduate students in efforts to respond to their various interests and needs.  Another Town Hall is scheduled to involve the students in GSO and with each other.  GSO is also reaching out to the graduate student organizations in other schools and taking on a political rather than a solely social role.

Undergraduate Student Organization, Joey Kopriva, USG President

The Day of Service was successful with lots of participation from the students.  USG is working on ways of communicating with the student community – launching ads and a marketing campaign.  Nine clubs were approved and efforts are being made to involve them with the USG, e.g., monthly club assembly.

Report from Faculty Council & School Senate – Bill Wesbrooks, Chair

The Faculty Council and the School Senate are discussing:  experiences of the clinical faculty with the new multiyear contract guidelines, and the new guidelines on the Academic Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment” policy, and the recommendations Final Report of the Task Force on Faculty Workload.  Most importantly, we’ve been discussing ways of enhancing ways of gaining feedback, ideas, and recommendations from the faculty.  The faculty senators will be seeking feedback from the departments on the workload recommendations.

3.     Report of the Dean – Dean Mary Brabeck

  • NYU Wasserman, Center for Career Development – Trudy Steinfeld, Asst. Vice President

Trudy Steinfeld provided an overview of the wide array of services available to our students through the Wasserman Center (e.g., on-campus recruitment, interview training, resume & cover letter workshops, etc.).  The Center Staff is available to work with us and our students (www.nyu.edu/careerdevelopment)

  • Benefits “Minute” – Claude Blenman, Director of Faculty Affairs

See Steinhardt Faculty Affairs webpage for summary of important and helpful benefits related information (www.steinhardt.nyu.edu/faculty_affairs/

  • Discussion of Faculty Workload (Teaching)

Summary of the Recommendations of the Task Force on Faculty Load – Ted Magder

Ted Magder described the focus and recommendations of the Task Force to help focus the faculty small group discussions.

4.     Small Group Discussion & Feedback – See attached summary of discussion notes.


Respectfully submitted,

Terry A. Astuto, Faculty Secretary