Faculty Meeting #1 Minutes 2011-09-29

Committee Minutes

Faculty Meeting #1 Minutes 2011-09-29


1. Call to Order & Welcome: Dean Mary Brabeck

Introduction of New Faculty and New Additions to the NYU Community

In Memoriam: We recognized the life and contributions of Gabe Carras, Charles Hayes, Robert Mulgady, Arthur Nelson, Chris Nystrom, and Nancy Swortzell, and other Steinhardt community members and relatives.

The opening of a new school year is exciting and at the same time challenging.  Remember to be attentive to the needs and experiences of our students and colleagues. (Wellness Exchange, open 24/7, 212-443-9999)

Voting in Faculty Meetings for AY 2011-2012

Motion PASSED Unanimously: to extend voting rights to full-time clinical and full-time non-tenure track faculty except as restricted by University Bylaws. 

Mary Brabeck is back from what she refers to as sabbatical-lite.  She observed that when she returned she saw that things moved forward and sometime when we move out of the way things get better.  Things happen in a “leaderful” and it is important to recognize the contributions of everyone.

Dean Brabeck thanked the group of deans - especially Beth Weitzman who ably and unselfishly as acting dean.  I consultation with department chairs, the Steinhardt Senate, and the NYU Provost, Beth Weitzman has been appointed as vice dean and will continue to lead in faculty affairs and academic affairs.  Dean Brabeck will be able to get the money to support our capital projects and academic initiatives.  Thanks also to the hard work and contributions of the “Deans Group.”

Dean Brabeck also recognized the careful work of the department chairs, thanked Nancy Barton (Art & Art Professions) and Larry Ferrara (Music & Performing Arts Professions for their years of service and welcomed the new chairs: David Darts (Art & Art Professions) and Robert Rowe (Music & Performing Arts Professions).  Thanks also to all the chairs for their hard work and many contributions.  Thanks, too, to the leaders and members of the Steinhardt Senate.

Three newly endowed chairs were introduced: Larry Aber, Distinguished Professor of Applied Psychology; Eduardus Halim, Sascha Gorodnitzki Professor in Piano Studies; Jan Plass, Paulette Goddard Professor of Digital Media and Learning Sciences.

Accomplishments: Eric Narburgh puts together a monthly report of faculty accomplishments (copy distributed).  Overcome your shyness and let us know what you’re doing.

Tenure & Promotion: Jack Buckley (currently on leave serving as Commissioner of the National Center for Educational Statistics), Sean Corcoran, Yael Goverover, Maria Grigos, Lorena Llosa, Selcuk Sirin (all promoted to Associate Professor); Rene Arcilla (Pofessor); Floyd Hammack (Professor); Jennifer Berg (Clinical Associate Proefssor); Meg Bussert (Music Associate Professor); Davd Schroeder (Music Associate Professor).

Also, Ann Marcus, Dean Emeritus; Dick Richardson, Professor Emeritus of Higher Education; Lawrence Ferrara, Director Emeritus, Music & Performing Arts Professions.

Introduction of New Faculty

Mary Erina Driscoll, Chair of the Department of Administration, Leadership & Technology, introduced Michael J. Dumas, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership.

David Darts, Chair of the Department of Art & Art Professions, introduced: Nancy Deihl, Master Teacher of Costume Studies.

Jacqueline Mattis, Chair of the Department of Applied Psychology, introduced: Abdolhossein Abdollahi, Vivain G. Prins Global Scholar (Iran); Saskias Casanova, Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow of Development Psychology; Shabnam Javdani, Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology.

John Zimmerman, Chair of the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences in the Professions, introduce: Bethamie Horowitz, Research Assistant Professor of Education & Jewish Studies; Joel Middleton, Visiting Assistant Professor of Applied Statistics; Lindsey Sasaki, Visiting Instructor of International Education; Winston Thompson, Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Education; Meryle Weinstein, Research Assistant Professor of Education Policy.

Ted Magder, Department of Media, Culture & Communication, introduced: Danah Boyd, Research Assistant Professor of Media, Culture & Communication; Lily Chumley, Assistant Professor of Media, Culture & Communication; Laura Portwood-Stacer, Visiting Assistant Professor of Media, Culture & Communication.

Robert Rowe, Chair of the Department of Music & Performing Arts Professions, introduced: Wayne Bowman, Visiting Professor of Music Education; Paul Geluso, Master Teacher of Music Technology; Eduardus Halim, Sasca Gorodnitzki Professor in Piano Studies; Maria Hodermarska, Master Teacher of Drama Therapy; John Simpkins, Master Teacher of Music Theatre.

Judith Gilbride, Chair of the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies & Public Health, introduced: Howard Berliner, Visiting Professor of Public Health; Matthew Hoffman, Visiting Assistant Professor of Food Studies; Danielle Ompad, Research Associate Professor of Public Health; Mary Platek, Assistant Professor of Clinical Nutrition; Kathleen Woolf, Assistant Professor of Clinical Nutrition.

Richard Magill, Chair of the Department of Teaching & Learning, introduced: Myrrh Domingo, Visiting Assistant Professor of English Education & Literacy Education; Robin Harvey, Master Teacher of Multilingual/Multicultural Studies; Okhee Lee, Professor of Childhood Education.

Welcome to all our new faculty.

Steinhardt’s New Student ReadingThe Camel Bookmobile, (Masha Hamilton).

2.  Report of the Deans – Dean Mary Brabeck

We’re experiencing a particularly challenging moment.  The economy is growing at 2%; criticism of the cost and value of higher education is intense.  In these times it is important to be thoughtful about our directions.  We are clear about our mission; now we need to identify for ourselves the goals for the next 5 and 10 years.  These will need to consider radical connectedness, radical interdisciplinarity, radical inter- professionalism; local and global initiatives, responsibilities, and needs.  We will be launching a strategic plan for launching a process for achieving those goals.  Part of what we’re doing is in facilities

  • East Building: Media, Culture, & Communication will occupy the two upper flowers; Teaching & Learning will occupying 4 floors (3, 4, 5, 6); Administration, Leadership & Technology will occupy the 2nd floor.
  • Pless: Occupational Therapy will move into new space; new practice rooms.
  • Education Building: Nutrition, Food Studies & Public and the Dance Education program will have renovated space.
  • Renovations involve bringing the buildings to code, updated technology
  • $120 million Capital Campaign – will be launched this year.

Updates & Future/Continuing Topics – Beth Weitzman

  • Implementation of Clinical Faculty Guidelines: We have completed the first round of awarding multi-year contracts.  Over 60% of Clinical Faculty members are now on contract; 10% on 3 year contract; we are also moving on implementation of the promotion process for Clinical Faculty.  A report will be prepared and provided to the Steinhardt Senate for review and discussion.
  • Online Course Evaluations: (piloted in Spring & Summer 2011; faculty advisory group is considering next steps).
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Work: The report has been completed and is being considered in the Faculty Council; the report will be disseminated to the faculty for discussion and feedback.
  • Future Topics: digital dilemmas (keeping safe on the web – students and faculty); professional ethics for students;

Facilities – Robert Knight

Video of the renovation gives a picture of where we are headed.  To accomplish that, there will be lots of other activity over the next 2-3 year – lots of noise, inconvenience, dirt.  The actual work plans will minimize disruption as much as possible and Robert Knight and the staff will communicate regularly about the status of the work.   Jeff Lane is keeping things moving forward and seeing that there is close to white glove treatment in helping with the moves.

Implementation of PeopleSoft and the “New Albert” – David Zapotocky

Phase 1: at this point in implementation you’ll see additions to the Faculty Center, e.g.: photos on class rosters; a dashboard (series of ten canned reports regarding classes and students that will be piloted through the administrative staff and then opened to faculty); advising list; Degree Audit  (being piloted for 4 undergraduate programs and will hopefully be automated).  Future features will be added as time goes by.

3.  Welcome and Overview of Senate Issues – Bill Wesbrooks, School Senate Chair

Graduate Student Organization, Victoria Sung, GSO President

GSO is working to enhance connections between students, faculty, alums; provide a place for graduate students to raise concerns; serve as a resource for graduate students; and encourage involvement.  Over 100 students attended the September 8th social.  There will be a Town Hall on Sept. 26 and a coffee talk on Sept. 28.

Undergraduate Student Organization, Joey Kopriva, USG President

USG meets at 6:30 on Monday evenings.  There are 10 executive board members.  A retreat (in Pless Hall) is planned to build leadership development, etc. USG is revising the constitution to make it compact.  USG also sponsors clubs, day of service, semi-formal event, awards gala in the spring, tip-to-tip charity walk, professional development grants, and responds to policy and student advocacy issues that come up. 

Report of the Faculty Council – Bill Wesbrooks

At our first meeting of the Faculty Council we discussed priorities for the year and ways in which we can work effectively.  We encourage all faculty to be active and engaged in our processes for sharing in decision making and planning in Steinhardt.  Please know who your senators are, who is on the committees, and please take the time to communicate about your ideas, about issues that concern you, your feedback on initiatives or proposals, and ways we can communicate with you.

  • Introduction of Standing Committees

Faculty Academic Affairs Committee – Ann Goerdt, Chair

School Planning Committee – Fran Stage, Chair

Student Affairs Committee – Jennifer Berg, Chair

Faculty Affairs Committee – Yumary Ruiz, Chair

  • Introduction of Subcommittees

Krishnendu Ray, Chair – Committee on Courses & Programs (CCP)

Mitchell Batavia, Chair – Doctoral Affairs Committee (DAC)

Catherine Radbill, Chair – Undergraduate Affairs Committee (UAC)

  • Introduction of University Senators  

Floyd Hammack; Celia Stewart (alternate)

Wen Ling; Mary Driscoll (alternate)

Ted Magder; Ron Sadoff (alternate)


Respectfully submitted,

Terry Astuto, Faculty Secretary