Faculty Council 1/31/2011

Committee Minutes

Faculty Council 1/31/2011

New York University
Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development
Monday, January 31, 2011
Present: Wesbrooks (Chair), Alpert, Astuto, Berg, Borisoff, Fisherkeller, Goerdt, Lang, Lu, Magder, Moja, Rosenberg, Stage, Voelbel

1.    Welcome – Bill Wesbrooks, Senate Chair
Minutes of the meeting of November 8, 2010, were approved.

2.    Faculty Council & School Senate Priorities – Continued Discussion

Faculty Affairs Committee – Teboho Moja
Updates from the Task Force on Faculty Work: The Task Force will meet only once of twice more to come up with final recommendations based on the interim report.  Despite requests, there is still no concrete information on the faculty workload in other NYU schools.  There seems to be a university culture of reluctance to share information across schools.  One “reliable source” in another school reported that the teaching load is 3 courses a year and the summer pay is more than double Steinhardt’s.  The continuing question is what concerns, if any, are there concerning Steinhardt faculty workload.  The task force sees that we work as much if not more than faculty in other schools.  Summer pay is based on your – for each course credit you are paid 1/9 and there is a maximum cap.  Some schools have a straight flat rate.  

Implementation of Clinical Faculty Guidelines: Clinical faculty received a mailing about the implementation process but there was not indication of a feedback process or when
and how feedback will happen.

[Discussion: Bill Wesbrooks indicated that the deans intend to have forums for discussion and since applying for multiyear contract is optional this year, implementation this semester will clarify implementation issues.  Also, individuals who want to be considered this year for a multiyear contract will have opportunities for workshops with Professor Weinberg and feedback in putting materials together.  Four/five clinical faculty members were asked have the materials they develop to serve as a kind of template.

Questions: Departmental P&T committees will make recommendations to the chair and the chair will recommend to the dean.  Is this process completely within Steinhardt or is the Provost’s office involved as it is with tenure decisions?  Do they applications for multiyear contracts go to the Deans’ Advisory Committee?  Or, will another committee be formed for that purpose?  How will the decisions be determined?  Also the original clinical faculty guidelines committee asked that it be clear that there is no requirement that clinical faculty apply for promotion.  Has that been made clear?]

[Ted Magder:  The University Personnel and Affirmative Committee did review the guidelines and recommended a few changes to the document.  It’s unclear whether or not those recommendations were incorporated into the “implementation guidelines.”

School Planning Committee – Fran Stage, Chair
The faculty survey on Budget Priorities Ranking has been underway.   Some concerns regarding confidentiality were raised due to the demographic data that are requested, especially in light of the small size of some departments.
The committee is going to review the data on the university survey focused on faculty academic work and try to get access to data from the Steinhardt faculty.

Faculty Academic Affairs – Sandra Lang, Chair
Doctoral Affairs Committee Recommendation: The DAC is recommending that departments have discretion in terms of determining when the chair and doctoral committees are appointed.  Now that happens after candidacy; some would prefer that happening before candidacy because in some cases the candidacy requirements are closely connected to preparation for developing the proposal.  This recommendation will be provided to the faculty at the February meeting for discussion at the March meeting.  

Student Affairs Committee - Jennifer Berg, Chair
Advisement documents will be completed by next Monday.
The current priority is determining graduation awards & student speakers.

3.    Other

PeopleSoft: There seems to be a growing concern about whether or not faculty and staff have had sufficient training related to the move from the current SIS to People Soft. It would be helpful for there to be a brief overview/demonstration during the March faculty meeting.

University Calendar: The University Senate will be voting on the recommendations for changes in the university calendar, i.e., beginning classes the Wednesday prior to Labor Day, have a 2-day break in October, and additional time during Thanksgiving week.  If the changes are approved they would be for AY2012.  There is a sense of some opposition to the recommendations.
Google: When will we find out more about the implications of NYU’s adoption of the Google interface?

Respectfully submitted,
Terry A. Astuto, Faculty Secretary