Knowing what truly matters to us as leaders brings greater purpose, direction and meaning to our lives and to our work. This two-week study abroad opportunity takes us to Rome and Florence, Italy for a full immersion experiential seminar on Transformational Leadership Through Mindful Practice. By linking transformational leadership research to mindfulness theory and practice, participants will clarify their core commitments and values as leaders and develop strategies for enhancing their personal awareness, centeredness, integrity, trustworthiness, and authenticity in their work and in their lives.

With our home base in Italy on the NYU-Florence campus, participants will take full advantage of this retreat-like setting for developing the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities that are vital to centered leadership and ethical institutional reform. Over the two week period, we will participate in engaging, interactive seminar sessions and travel to several mind and heart opening museums and institutions to learn more about the history and culture of leadership in both Rome and Florence.  These cities provide illuminating, but very different contexts for understanding how history and culture has shaped leadership and life in this country.  By attaining a greater awareness of culture, and a deeper understanding of themselves as leaders, seminar participants can expect to leave this experience with a greater sense of purpose, direction and meaning in their work as well as and in their lives.