Astor Teaching Fellows

The Astor International Travel Fellowship for New York City Teachers, made possible through a generous gift from Mrs. Brooke Astor celebrates the accomplishments of full-time, classroom teachers in the New York City public schools by awarding them a fully-sponsored, ten-day, educational fellowship with NYU Steinhardt faculty. This program is an educational travel experience intended to broaden full-time classroom teachers' horizons and inspire them with ideas for classroom innovation through an international experience centered on a specific academic subject.


Professional Development

Steinhardt offers a variety of professional training programs in New York City and abroad. These include Music Business Innovation Lab: Transmedia Collaborations for Executives,  International Leadership Program in Visual Arts Management , and Integrated Marketing Communication for Behavioral Impact (IMC/COMBI) Summer Institute. 



GIFTED Women's Fellowship Program

GIFTED, part of the larger Ghana Wins! project, is a professional development program that aims to build capacity in women leaders in education.  GIFTED will provide professional development, on-going support, and leadership training to three cohorts of 10-12 women educators in Ghana. The overarching goal of this project is to devleop women leaders in the field of education.