Spring 2015

Carol Anne SpreenSteinhardt Launches New Bachelor’s Degree Program in Education Studies with Required Semester Abroad

NYU Steinhardt’s Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is pleased to announce a new bachelor of arts program in Education Studies. Interested students may transfer into the program in Fall 2015. This major expands on the minor in Global and Urban Education Studies and shares many of the same requirements. In addition to rigorous, multi-disciplinary coursework, students will gain hands-on experience in learning about educational change and advocacy through internships and study abroad. This major is not intended for students who wish to become classroom teachers, but will prepare students for careers in education leadership and educational reform or graduate studies in education, law, public policy, or the social sciences.

“We tend to think of a degree in education as a teaching degree, but education is a field and a growing industry that reaches far beyond the classroom,” said Carol Anne Spreen, associate professor of international education and director of undergraduate studies in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. “For better or worse, the education reform movement is a multi-billion dollar industry and our goal is to put future leaders in the driver’s seat with regard to education programming and policies.”

Doctoral Students Engage in Summer Dissertation Writing Abroad

Eight NYU Steinhardt doctoral students have been invited to attend summer intensive dissertation-writing workshops at NYU global sites in Berlin, Florence, London, and Washington, DC. Participants receive fully-sponsored travel and room and board for the six-week program, along with office space and administrative and academic support. The Summer Dissertation Writing Program is part of the Provost’s Global Research Initiatives, a portfolio of research-related activities for NYU faculty and graduate students at NYU’s global sites.

Ekin Yasin, a PhD candidate in the Department of Media, Culture and Communications, will join the Summer Dissertation Writing Program at NYU London. Her research examines the visual culture of cancer and tumors by chronicling the contemporary genomic medical practices of cancer mediation through different species, and her academic interests bridge linguistics, semiotics, philosophy, and media studies. Yasin said: “[The summer workshop] will allow me to focus on the writing process. It will also be helpful to have access to others who are in a similar stage in their dissertation writing process.” After completing her dissertation, she plans to continue her research in health communication and the visual culture of disease to facilitate dialogue about public perceptions pertaining to body and health.

ParisMusic Technology Commences Semester-Long Study Option in Paris

Graduate and undergraduate students in Music Technology are completing their first semester of study at NYU Paris, with in-depth study in their major. The undergraduate program in Music Technology is the first Steinhardt program to require a study abroad experience as part of its curriculum, with options at both NYU Paris and NYU Prague.

“The music technology program in Paris has been one of the best experiences of my undergraduate career,” said Ronny Mraz, a senior in Music Technology. “We had the unique opportunity to study at IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique) and were taught by some of the most brilliant people in the music technology industry.”

Students are immersed in Parisian culture and music and benefit from the support of NYU Paris. “The staff at NYU Paris is fantastic in accommodating us as the first group of music students and listened intently to all of our feedback. They have been great in planning events such as operas and ballets,” Mraz said.

Setrini and Fuster Lead Graduate Students to Study Food Sustainability in Puerto Rico

Gustavo Setrini, assistant professor of Food Studies and Melissa Fuster, assistant professor of Food Studies and faculty fellow, co-instructed the Global Food Cultures: Puerto Rico study abroad program over spring break this past March. Participants traveled to Puerto Rico for intensive study of the island’s colonial legacy as manifested in agricultural production, food processing, and local cuisine. They then developed proposals to improve sustainability measures and documented their experiences in a collaborative blog.

“The results demonstrate both a broadening and a refinement of students’ perspectives. The broadening happened as they came to understand and value the connections between food studies, nutrition, policy, and sustainability. The refinement happened as they recognized the unique contributions their own perspectives make in relation to other fields of study,” said Professor Setrini. Global Food Cultures: Puerto Rico will return in spring of 2017. Global Food Cultures: India will be offered for the first time in January 2016.

Physical TherapyDepartment of Physical Therapy Initiates Its First International Observerships

The Department of Physical Therapy offered its first-ever course abroad this winter break, in which three doctor of Physical Therapy students completed clinical observations in Pointe-a-Pierre and Port of Spain, Trinidad under the supervision of Marilyn Moffat, professor of Physical Therapy and director of the professional doctoral program. Observations at clinical sites in Trinidad were made possible through collaboration with Stacy de Gale, chairperson of the Physiotherapists Board of Trinidad and Tobago and Jacqueline Rouse of the Ministry of Health.

Participant Rachel Tavel reported, “We had the opportunity to see and work with patients with much more extreme conditions than we will probably ever see in the US. More importantly, we were given the privilege of learning from these extreme cases while also being allowed to try and help brainstorm and facilitate treatments.”

Upon their return, they shared their findings to a packed house of fellow students, faculty, and staff in the Department of Physical Therapy. Steinhardt Global Programs will continue to partner with the department to offer study abroad opportunities in January 2016.

Dean’s Global Honors Seminars Travel to Shanghai, London, Buenos Aires, and Paris

Eighty-eight freshmen and sophomore honors students traveled to Shanghai, London, Buenos Aires, or Paris during January or Spring Break as part of the Dean’s Global Honors Seminar (DGHS) programs. The DGHS courses take place on Washington Square during the fall and spring semesters and are supplemented with a travel component related to the area of study.

Students reported that they are now more likely to study abroad for a full semester in the future, and that the international travel component added significantly to their learning experience. Brandon Tan, a Media, Culture, and Communication first-year student, participated in the Introduction to Visual Culture course taught by Professor Nicholas Mirzoeff. “Ever since we got back from Paris, I have not been able to stop thinking about the trip…. [I]t was the most incredible week of my life,” Tan said. “The experiences I was able to have will be cherished for eternity.”

The Dean’s Global Honors Seminar will continue during the 2015-16 academic year and will include courses traveling to Buenos Aires, Berlin, Sydney, and London. See information on upcoming courses.

LondonCommunicative Sciences and Disorders Establishes New Academic Partnership With NYU London

NYU Steinhardt will collaborate with NYU London in a new academic partnership to provide a curricular pathway for undergraduates in Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders (CSD) to study abroad. Beginning in Fall 2015, CSD students will be able to take a new course titled Contemporary Issues in Health Services, which examines clinical services across disciplines from a comparative perspective. In this experiential learning course, students will conduct observations at clinical sites and explore contemporary issues in the fields of speech language pathology; audiology; counseling/psychological services; nursing; special education; and physical, occupational, and creative therapies.

Gina Canterucci, associate director of the CSD undergraduate program, said, "This is an exciting opportunity for students to gain a comparative perspective on US and UK views on disability and clinical service delivery. Because of a mutual recognition agreement between the American Speech Language Hearing Association and the Royal College of Speech Therapists in the UK, US credentials are recognized in the UK. Having this global experience will set our students apart on their graduate school applications and potentially increase their career mobility later on should they decide to work abroad."

With the development of this new study abroad pathway for CSD undergraduates, all NYU Steinhardt undergraduate programs now have academic partnerships at one or more NYU global sites.

Steinhardt Launches Music Business Innovation Lab With Brazilian Higher Education Leader

NYU Steinhardt’s Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions is partnering with Brazil's Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) International Affairs Division to offer the Music Business Innovation Lab: Transmedia Collaborations for Executives program. This immersive one-week program will allow media professionals to analyze emerging business models and international markets for music and media, positioned at the intersection of several overlapping areas of industry. The international group, coming from Brazil, the United States and other countries, will examine existing and emergent strategies for designing hybrid business models to manage the dispersal of content across multiple platforms, including interactive websites, smartphone and tablet apps, social video games, music and video streaming services, live performances, and others on the horizon, such as virtual and augmented reality. The program will take place at NYU’s New York City campus from July 20-24, 2015.

Global Media Scholars Travel to Abu Dhabi

For the second year in a row, a small group of Global Media Scholars (GMSP) traveled to Abu Dhabi for three weeks of study during the January term. This year’s course was taught by Arvind Rajagopal, professor of Media, Culture, and Communication and focused on Globalization and Public Culture. GMSP immerses students in the study of media and globalization through NYU's academic sites abroad. The program features a combination of courses and global experience that allows students to compare and analyze the highly dynamic range of activities associated with the globalization of media and cultural production, distribution, and reception.
Prior to traveling to Abu Dhabi, GMSP students already completed two full semesters abroad. Course activities included a trip to Dubai and a desert safari. “Students had the opportunity to test new hypotheses and explore a field that was new to them,” Professor Rajagopal said. “GMSP was a globalizing experience in the best sense of the term.” The Global Media Scholars Senior Capstone course will take place in Sydney, Australia in January 2016.

Diana CaleyFellowships Spotlight: Diana Caley

Diana Caley, a doctoral student in the Food Studies program, received a fellowship through theUS Borlaug Program in Global Food Security for to explore hunger and food insecurity in Kampala, Uganda’s urban slums. “Kampala is one of the most rapidly urbanizing cities globally,” explains Ms. Caley.

In addition to providing funding for her final phase of doctoral dissertation research, Diana says the fellowship “has also provided an excellent opportunity for me to network with other scholars and practitioners in the field of global food security,” which is critical for young scholars establishing a name for themselves.

Caley’s understanding of urban global food security was also reinforced through her previous role as program assistant for the graduate study abroad program Global Food Cultures: Mexico in January 2014.

NYU provides a variety of resources to help graduate students identify which fellowships are available to support their research and professional development. The NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development offers weekly drop-in hours for graduate students on Thursdays from 3-5 pmin Pless Hall, 82 Washington Square East, 2nd Floor. In addition, Wasserman offers periodic events to help students prepare their fellowship applications. Visit the Wasserman webpage for graduate students or log in to NYU CareerNet to view upcoming events.

Steinhardt Graduate-Level Internationalization Featured in International Educator Magazine

International Educator, a bi-monthly magazine produced by NAFSA: Association of International Educators, featured NYU Steinhardt global programs in an article about education abroad for graduate students. Erich Dietrich, associate dean and assistant vice president for global programs at NYU and Zack Klim, director of academic initiatives and global programs, elaborated on Steinhardt’s graduate study abroad portfolio along with current trends and recent innovations study abroad. The article highlights NYU Steinhardt’s global sequences in select graduate programs. Global sequences are study tracks that allow students to incorporate international learning into their degree programs, often accelerating degree completion. In academic year 2014-2015, approximately 460 students participated in NYU Steinhardt’s 27 graduate-level study abroad programs in 19 countries. 

ArubaTeaching and Learning Delegation Visits Instituto Pedagógico Arubano, Meets Prime Minister of Aruba

In January 2015, professors Anne Burgunder, Mary Leou and Rosa Pietanza from theDepartment of Teaching and Learning, visited the Instituto Pedagogico Arubano (IPA) in Aruba to explore issues of environmental sustainability and international education. In previous years, the Department of Teaching and Learning has hosted three groups of education students from IPA.

The NYU faculty met Prime Minister Mike Eman; Ministry of Education officials, and Dr. Ava Thode, director general of IPA; and IPA students and faculty. They visited schools and school boards, and discussed environmental literacy, cross-disciplinary and multicultural collaboration, and research in education.

Scholarship Day Spotlight: Global Perspectives From the Department of Administration, Leadership, and Technology

Thirty-six undergraduate and graduate students from nine different departments attended the third annual Research and Scholarship Showcase, co-sponsored by the NYU Steinhardt Office of Research and the Graduate Student Organization, on April 14. Two students from the Department of Administration, Leadership and Technology shared their original research with an international focus.

Andrea Lopez, a second-year PhD student in Educational Leadership, presented her research on Chilean student perspectives on K-12 education. Her dissertation work will continue this line of inquiry through examination of student perspectives on citizenship and civic education in Chilean high schools. “Chile is in a moment of important changes in education, sparked by a student movement in 2011 that questioned the market orientation of the educational system, its inequality, and segregation,” said Lopez. “I believe the perspective of the students cannot be left out of the current debates in education.” She chose to participate in NYU Steinhardt Scholarship Day “to have conversations about the possibilities for education reform in Chile, and to discuss the different approaches from in the local political sphere and the media.” Lopez, a Chilean national, plans to return to Chile post-graduation to continue her research, teach, and foster community-based arts education initiatives.

Sue-Yeon Song, a doctoral candidate in Higher and Postsecondary Education and research analyst in the NYU Office of Academic Program Review, presented her cross-national analysis of patterns of governance in higher education. Song employed cluster analysis techniques in her examination of higher education systems in 46 countries to better understand the relationship between institution and state. In her findings, she classified countries into one of four distinct patterns, which may serve as predictors of a country’s propensity towards increased marketization of higher education. She said “that comparative studies in education are important because education systems are influenced by historical, cultural, and political pillars which make up a country’s legacy… learning from other countries’ experiences could nurture insight and bring positive change.” After completing her doctoral degree, Song aims to continue her scholarly work in comparative studies of higher education.

AstorFourteen Astor Fellows Prepare for Travel to Buenos Aires

Fourteen New York City public school teachers were selected from more than 250 applications to receive the Astor International Travel Fellowship. Designed as a professional development opportunity for New York City public school teachers, the awardees represent four New York City boroughs and more than 150 years of combined experience in K-12 instruction.

Made possible through a generous gift by Brooke Astor, Steinhardt selects a group of teachers each year to examine a core subject at one of NYU’s Global Academic Centers. In July 2015, the fellows will travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina to explore the theme Special Education Beyond Borders under the direction of Department of Teaching and Learning Professor Mark Alter. Visit our webpage to learn more about the program and to meet our fellows.

Last Chance to Apply for Summer Study Abroad

There is still time to apply for summer study abroad through Steinhardt Global Programs. Sixteen programs are offered for graduate and upper-level graduate students to study abroad throughout the summer. Visit our summer program list to learn more about program dates, costs, and content. Contact Steinhardt Global Programs at steinhardt.global@nyu.edu or 212-992-9380 to discuss which programs are best suited to your academic and professional goals.

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Please reach out to us at steinhardt.global@nyu.edu with details regarding your global activities. The Office of Academic Initiatives and Global Programs provides guidance and support to faculty, students and organizations interested in developing international programming. Visit our website to learn more about available resources.