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Music Business Innovation Lab: Transmedia Collaborations for Executives

Program Information

The program of study has been designed specifically for international music and media business executives, with a curriculum grounded in guided practice and critical theory that interweaves music, business, innovation and new media. Participants will work closely with FGV and NYU faculty, guest speakers, and each other to debate and discuss such questions as:

Who is it for?

The Music Business Innovation Lab has been designed for music and media industry executives with 3-8 years of experience. The program aims to develop participant's capabilities in such areas as:

  • working across technological and cultural boundaries
  • exploring emergent platforms and media formats
  • analyzing the trends underlying evolving models for music in a transmedia context
  • developing business models and strategies with clear value propositions and potential.

This week-long intensive program is positioned at the intersection of several overlapping areas of study dealing with emerging business models and international markets for music and media. It examines existing and emergent strategies for designing hybrid business models to manage the dispersal of content across multiple platforms, including interactive websites, smartphone and tablet apps, social video games, music and video streaming services, live performances, and others on the horizon such as virtual and augmented reality. Participants will work in mixed teams to design improvements or innovations in their existing business models.

Required Reading:
Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, and Joshua Green. Spreadable media: Creating value and meaning in a networked culture. New York: New York University Press, 2013, hardcover, (352p) ISBN 978-0814743508.
Nuno Bernardo. Transmedia 2.0: How to Create an Entertainment Brand Using a Transmedial Approach to Storytelling. Beactive Books, 2014, paperback, (162p) ISBN-13: 9781909547018

Daily schedule

9am-10:15am -- Instructor presentation
10:30am-12pm -- Trends and tools
12pm-1:30pm -- Lunch
1:30pm-2:15pm -- Guest speaker
2:30pm-4pm -- Innovation Lab teamwork sessions
4pm-5:30pm -- Pitches, guests and site visits

Day 1  -- Context
Focus: What are the most important changes in society, technology, media formats and cultural forms, and economics in contemporary world and near future?
Instructor Presentation: Transmedia and emerging interactive technologies and opportunities (Prof Howard-Spink)
Tools: Spreadable Media and Transmedia Value Networks. (Prof D'Ipolitto)
Guest speaker: Prof Catherine Moore, NYU Music Business
Innovation Lab teamwork: Teams first meet and get to know each other.
Extra guest speaker: Transmedia executive TBD (4-5pm).
Discussion and feedback (5-5:30pm)

Day 2  -- The Public
Focus: What do fans, customers, consumers, sponsors and partners expect from culture and creative businesses?
Instructor presentation: Millennials, women, kids, the elderly, other (Prof Morel).
Tools: Understanding your customers (speaker TBD)
Guest speaker: Prof Larry Miller on data analytics
Innovation Lab teamwork:
Site visit: Transmedia firm

Day 3  -- Value Design
Focus: Exploring and comparing value attributes and differentiators using value benchmarking models.
Instructor presentation: Transmedia business cases (Profs Howard-Spink and Morel).
Tools: Transmedia value design (Prof D'Ipolitto)
Guest speaker: TBD
Innovation Lab teamwork:
Pitch rehearsal

Day 4  -- Business Models
Focus: Designing a business model as a set of hypotheses about value creation and appropriation.
Instructor Presentation: Hybrid Business Models (Prof Howard-Spink)
Tools: Designing Transmedia business ecologies (Prof D'Ipolitto)
Guest Speaker: Prof Larry Miller on Lean Launchpads
Innovation Lab teamwork:
Site visit: Transmedia firm

Day 5  -- Pilot Design
Focus: Testing business model hypotheses and launching product/service
Instructor Presentation: TBD
Tools: Applying the Lean Launchpad model
Guest speaker: TBD
Innovation Lab teamwork:
Final Pitch