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Applicants for NYU Steinhardt Intersession and Summer study abroad programs are evaluated on academic record (your transcript) and appropriate academic preparation (your completion of prerequisites, familiarity with subject matter, and ability to contribute to the scholarly program). An integrated review of a student's academic background and university record is required to confirm admission.


Application Procedures

How to apply:

The Office of Global Affairs staff and program faculty review applications in rounds, per the dates listed on the How to Apply page. Your application must be completed in full, on or before the admissions deadline posted on our How to Apply page in order to be reviewed in that round.

For January and Spring Break programming, applications are welcomed starting in August of each year. For Summer programming, applications are welcomed starting in December of each year. Applicants will be notified via email by the notification deadline.

Accept/Decline Deposit

All students who are offered a space in an Intersession or Summer study abroad program must secure their spot within one week of acceptance, via an Accept/Decline deposit of $500. Please consult our How to Apply page for specific dates.This deposit counts toward the overall housing and activity fee cost associated with your program. If you pay this deposit but later choose to withdraw from the program, the $500 deposit is non-refundable.

Students with demonstrated financial need are encouraged to submit this  form to be reviewed for a fee deferment to submit the $500 deposit, to be assessed by the Steinhardt Office of Global Affairs and Experiential Learning. Students who are approved for a deferment but withdraw from the program within 30 days of departure will incur the value of the deferred deposit will be added to my Bursar bill as a cancellation fee.

Academic Policies

Students who have been accepted to a Steinhardt study abroad program must comply with the following stipulations:

Academic Status

Admission to a Steinhardt study abroad program is contingent upon a student's continued academic success through the duration of the semester prior to departure. Should a student's admission to a Steinhardt study abroad program be revoked as a result of poor academic performance, NYU will not be responsible for refunding any expenses incurred in preparation for the intended study abroad program.

Student Conduct Status

By enrolling in a global academic center, a student assumes not only the rights and privileges of membership in a unique community but also the duties of citizenry associated with maintaining the values of the University community as well as those of the country in which the campus is located. Each student is expected to conduct his or her academic and non-academic life in a manner that demonstrates consideration for the rights, property, and interests of NYU, concern for the well-being of other community members, and respect for the culture, customs, and laws of the nation in which the student is a guest.  

On behalf of, and in conjunction with, its members, the University has a duty to address behavior that jeopardizes the health, safety, or welfare of its members; compromises the academic or intellectual process; disrupts the administrative and supporting services of the University; and/or shows a disrespect for the country and local community in which the academic center is located. Students who are alleged to have engaged in behavior that violates the Study Abroad Standard, New York University policies, and/or center-specific policies will be subject to review through the University student conduct process at the Center and/or the University level as deemed appropriate. The University also reserves the right to report matters involving criminal acts to the proper authorities. In disciplinary matters involving a visiting student whose home institution is other than NYU, NYU reserves the right to inform the appropriate office at that institution of the matter and results of all disciplinary decisions involving that student.

Students who have been placed on University disciplinary probation or on deferred suspension from University housing are ineligible to participate in an NYU Steinhardt study abroad program during the period of their probation and/or deferred status. Students who have been suspended, withdrawn or dismissed from the University, or who have been dismissed or suspended from University housing, are ineligible to participate in a Steinhardt study abroad program. Should a student's admission to a Steinhardt study abroad program be revoked as a result of disciplinary action or conduct violation, NYU will not be responsible for refunding any expenses incurred in preparation for the intended study abroad program.

Students are responsible for reviewing and understanding the University student conduct process which includes policies and procedures applicable to ALL students. 

University Leave Status

Students who have been on leave from the University must return to the New York City campus and successfully complete one academic semester (Fall or Spring) of full-time course work before enrolling in an Steinhardt study abroad program.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Rights (FERPA) 

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) was enacted to protect the privacy of students' education records, to establish the rights of students to inspect and review their education records, and to provide students with an opportunity to have inaccurate or misleading information in their education records corrected. New York University has adopted its policies and procedures.

Non-Credit Participation

Eligibility and Availability

A non-credit option is available for select, graduate-level NYU and visiting students, or professionals who have earned at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university by the program start date. Undergraduates at NYU or other universities will not be considered for non-credit participation. The availability of non-credit participation is not guaranteed, and must be formally requested to us via email.  Approval will be subject to review by the Office of Global Affairs and the faculty director for the study abroad program. Preference will be given to students who elect to take the study abroad program for credit. Only if a program is not filled to capacity, as determined by the faculty director and Global Affairs, will a spot be offered to a non-credit participant. Once a non-credit participant is accepted, the offer will not be retracted in favor of any new applicant willing to take the course for credit.

Fees for Non-Credit Participation

The following fees will be assessed in lieu of tuition, depending on the number of credits offered by the program. The fee is paid directly to the Office of Global Affairs by credit or debit card. 

Non-credit participants are responsible for purchasing their own flight, paying housing and activity fees, and covering daily personal costs during the program, in addition to the non-credit fee. These fees vary by program; see the Summer and Intersession program listings for program-specific cost information.

Participants Requirements

All non-credit participants are expected to attend all pre-departure and return orientations in New York, and are required to attend all class meetings and field visits abroad. Non-credit participants will be held to the same academic standards as all students taking the program for credit and are expected to complete all academic assignments as detailed by the program faculty by the deadlines listed in the syllabus. Active and engaged participation in course discussion and activities is expected.

Refund Policy

Accept/Decline Deposit

Students who have been offered admission to a January, spring break, or Summer study abroad program must confirm their intent to participate via an accept/decline deposit of $500. This payment is applied toward the overall housing and activity fee associated with the program. The following policies regarding the accept/decline deposit relate to refunds and withdrawals:

Housing and Activities Fees

Your accept/decline deposit counts toward the housing and activity fee associated with your program. The remaining balance of your housing and activity fee will be assessed by the Office of the Bursar. Please note that the housing and activity fee will not be refunded within one month of the program start date, except under exceptional circumstances. Refund requests after these dates must be put in writing to the Office of Global Affairs at, providing justification. The Office of Global Affairs reserves the right to deny any requests. No refund will be granted after the start date of the program. 

Waitlisted Students:

Students who are waitlisted for a program will be provided with three options regarding their participation:


Tuition refunds are subject to the NYU Office of the Bursar's Refund Schedule (see the Bursar's website). Registration and service fees are not refundable.

Student Airfare

Study abroad program participants purchase their own flights to and from program destinations, and are responsible for ticket returns and/or changes. Airlines have specific refund policies for different fares. Please review any ticket's policy before purchasing. If a student decides to withdraw from a course, and has purchased an airline ticket, that student is responsible for all airfare expenses incurred / committed.

Students should not purchase airline tickets until they have been instructed to do so by the Office of Global Affairs. If the course is cancelled for any reason, the Office of Global Affairs encourages students to contact the airline company directly to inquire about refund or credit for the flight. Global Affairs cannot be held responsible for airline tickets if a course is cancelled

Financial Aid

Those students who are currently receiving federal financial aid may apply for financial aid using the NYU Office of Financial Aid.

Summer courses require that students apply for summer financial aid. A form for applying can be found on the financial aid website

Visting students, as per federal regulations, are not eligible for financial aid through NYU. The Office of Global Affairs recommends that visiting students contact the financial aid office at their home university to find out if they are eligible for aid.

Please visit our financial aid page for specific details.

Visitors Policy

Students are prohibited from bringing guests into housing accommodations. There are no exceptions. Violation of this policy can result in immediate dismissal from the program. If a relative or friend wants to visit the country while the program is in operation, then the visitor needs to arrange for her or his own daily activities and housing. If relatives and friends choose to visit, they are strongly encouraged to do so before the academic program begins or after it is completed.

Health Policy  

The Office of Global Affairs is committed to the health and safety of all our program participants. We share a participant list with the NYU Student Health Center to cross-reference medical health history, and in some cases, Student Health Center staff will contact students to discuss how medical conditions may affect their experience in a particular program.

In addition, we recommend that students have a general physical done well in advance of departure to identify and address any conditions that may impact their study abroad experience. Physicals can be obtained free of charge or at minimal cost at the Student Health Center. Students should make sure that all of their routine immunizations are up to date. In cases where specific immunizations are required for travel, our office will alert participants. Study abroad participants are also encouraged to contact their health insurance provider to learn details about international coverage.

If students who plan to attend a study abroad program require academic/housing accommodations or special services because of a disability, they should contact the Moses Center for Students with Disabilities to request accommodations. Students must be registered with the Moses Center to request accommodations, whether they are NYU students or students from another institution. The Moses Center will work with a student and Global Affairs to arrange approved accommodations. Students with disabilities planning to study abroad are urged to obtain information in advance regarding the specific programs and facilities so that adequate planning for reasonable accommodations can take place. 

International Health Insurance

All Steinhardt study abroad participants will be automatically enrolled for travel health insurance through GeoBlue. Services provided include accident and sickness insurance, physician recommendations, medical translation guides, emergency medical evacuations, and more. Get additional information regarding GeoBlue health insurance.  

Note: GeoBlue does not cover students participating in domestic programs. Students participating in a domestic program (including Puerto Rico) should check with their own insurance providers to determine coverage options.

NYU Policy on Alcohol, Drug Use, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination

Alcohol and Drug Use

Please download and read the Alcohol and Drug Use Policy Statement. You are responsible for understanding this information. Please keep in mind that being alert and being sober are keys to personal safety.

Sexual Harassment

Please download and read the Sexual Assault and Harassment policy statement. You are responsible for understanding this information.

Discrimination and Harassment

New York University is committed to maintaining a campus environment that is free of harassment, bias, or discrimination predicated upon sex, race, gender and/or gender identity or expression, color, religious, age, national origin, ethnicity, disability, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, marital status, citizenship status, or any other legally protected basis. Such behavior not only undermines the character and purpose of the University but also is prohibited by law. Students who believe they have been subjected to harassment, bias, or discrimination or treated unfairly on the basis of a protected status but are unsure of where to file a complaint should contact Mary Signor, Title IX Coordinator, in the Office of Equal Opportunity at 212-998-2375 or by email. Students may also contact Thomas Grace, Director of the Office of Community Standards and Compliance at 212-998-4403 or by email.

Please download and read the Anti-Harassment Policy Statement. You are responsible for understanding this information.

Bullying, Threatening, and Other Disruptive Behaviour Guidelines

Please read the Bullying, Threatening and Other Disruptive Behaviour Guidelines. You are responsible for understanding this information.   

Weapons and Simulated Weapons Policy

New York University is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for the University community and its guests. In support of this commitment. Please read the policy and rules governing the possession of weapons and simulated weapons in and around premises owned or controlled by NYU and at NYU sponsored events in other locations. 

International Laws

Faculty, staff, and students should be aware that in addition to the university sanctions, all program participants are subject to the local laws of the host country, which may specify fines or imprisonment for conviction of offenses. When appropriate or necessary, NYU will cooperate fully with international law enforcement agencies. Inform yourself about the laws of the host country, particularly in regards to controlled substances.

Immediate Suspension

If in the opinion of the program's faculty director, a student's behavior presents an imminent threat to the student's physical or emotional health, safety, or well-being, or the health, safety, or well-being of others, the maintenance of public order, or the effective continuation of the educational process, the director may immediately suspend the student from the program prior to any formal disciplinary proceeding. The director shall promptly advise the Dean of the school in which the student is enrolled, and the designated representative from the Office of Global Affairs. The student will be responsible for returning and for making alternative housing arrangements on his or her own and at his or her own cost. The student will not be able to take a grade of Incomplete in the course, nor will he or she receive any refund for the course. Typically, the grade entered the transcript will be F.

Staying in Non-NYU Housing Abroad

The Office of Global Affairs recommends that students stay in university-provided housing for a variety of important reasons. Safety and costs are taken into account and students often find it to be both socially and academically rewarding to stay with other students in the program. We will make exceptions when a student wishes to stay with immediate family members who live in the nearby area. If students wish to stay with family, it is required that they still participate in all program-related activities, some of which may occur in the evening, and students should ensure that they will have safe and regular transportation to and from the group's hotel and classroom space. 

A form is required in order to request to stay in non-NYU housing, and submission of a form does not guarantee that this request will be honored. This form must be emailed to us no later than 45 days in advance of the program start date. If approved, students will need to complete the New York University Housing Waiver and Release Form. Students must also share emergency contact information abroad, including their address and telephone number with the Office of Global Affairs as well as the academic program director.

Contact Information

Office of Global Affairs
NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development
82 Washington Square East, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212-992-9380
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