Global Affairs

Intern Abroad

NYU Steinhardt offers an intensive summer internship placement to graduate students in international education. Only graduate students matriculated in this program are invited to apply. 

Intern Abroad: International Education (Accra, Ghana)

NYU Steinhardt graduate students in International Education intern full-time for 6 weeks at a local organizations in Accra, Ghana. Students will be asked to identify their interest in a specific area, including formal and non-formal education, international organizations, local and community-driven development, study abroad and cross-cultural exchange. Participants live at NYU Accra housing facilities, advance their degree through fulfillment of internship requirements. 

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Intern Abroad: South Africa (Pretoria, South Africa)

NYU Steinhardt graduate students intern for 4 weeks at the National Department of Education, a university, or an NGO in Pretoria, South Africa. Participants live in accommodations arranged by the Office of Global Affairs and enroll in a required class on Education and Social Reform. 

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