NYU Steinhardt hosts 40-70 visiting scholars in a given academic year and roughly half are visiting from foreign universities. These visitors bring an invaluable international perspective to the School and generate a multitude of research and scholarly interactions for our faculty and students. 

The program for visiting scholars, visiting research professors, and visiting exchange professors extends specified courtesy titles and privileges to scholars of distinction who visit New York University in order to engage in research and scholarship, and in general scholarly and cultural interaction with New York University’s faculty and students.  The courtesy titles may not be granted for the purpose of providing free courses or other privileges to graduate or post-graduate students, or for the sole purpose of providing library privileges.

Visiting scholars are considered guests of the University who may visit for a temporary period of up to one year (renewable). As non-employees, they have no teaching or other responsibilities and are not entitled to salary or housing. Additionally, visiting scholars designations should not be used to provide free courses or other privileges to graduate or post-graduate students, or for the sole purpose of providing library privileges.

Information for NYU faculty interested in sponsoring a visiting scholar

Visiting Scholar invitations should be extended only to established experts in their field with a scholarly record commensurate with a faculty appointment at New York University. Visiting scholars designations may not be used to provide free courses, dissertaion supervision, or other privileges to graduate or post-graduate students, or for the sole purpose of providing library privileges.

NYU faculty must receive the approval of their department chair and the Dean of the school prior to extending an invitation. The sponsorship request and approval must be documented in the visiting scholar form. Once complete, the visiting scholar form should submitted to Sandy Hoe in Steinhardt Administration and Finance at least six months prior to anticipated arrival.  

The faculty host, Department Chair, and Department Administrator should clarify what resources, if any, will be made available to visiting scholar.  The conditions of the arrangment should be clearly defined in an invitation from the department.  Almost always, visiting scholars must arrange their own housing in New York. There is limited assistance for visitor housing available through the global research initiatives.   

NYU Steinhardt faculty with questions regarding visiting scholar sponsorship should contact Sandy Hoe in Steinhardt Administration and Finance.

Visiting Scholars by Department

The links below highlight some of the scholars visiting NYU Steinhardt departments.

Applied Psychology
Art and Art Professions 
Media, Culture, and Communications 
Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health 
The Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy

Collaboration with Faculty at NYU Global Sites

The Global Faculty Fund (hereafter GFF) supports faculty initiatives at NYU’s Global Sites that are undertaken in partnership with NYU schools and departments for the following purposes:

  1. To enhance existing site courses: This may include developing field-based experiential education projects, incorporating writing tutorials in classes, covering expenses associated with student team projects and undergraduate research, creating materials that will bring a local perspective to textbooks, and using technology to enhance teaching (e.g., creating podcasts, online databases, apps, and wikis).
  2. To develop multi-site projects: These may include conferences and workshops, in-person or online, which are related to teaching or course enhancement.
  3. To promote faculty development: Examples include attending conferences and workshops, purchasing books and subscriptions, and commissioning translations—provided that these activities are connected to a course that the faculty member is teaching.
  4. To facilitate faculty collaboration by travel to New York: Funds may be used for short-term travel to meet with departmental and school colleagues in New York.

The GFF does not support the development of new courses. Course development should be undertaken through the relevant Site-Specific Advisory Committee.

Please see the GFF guidelines for further details on the submission process and selection criteria.