The NYU Steinhardt Office of Global Affairs provides leadership and strategic planning to ensure that appropriate administrative infrastructure and services are in place to optimally support faculty, international programs, students, scholars, and initiatives.

We are responsible for the following areas for NYU Steinhardt:

The Steinhardt strategic plan has identified the following goal for our global engagement: "Steinhardt leads the University in integrating global experiences and cosmopolitan perspectives in research, teaching, and the arts." 

We continue to lead by integrating global experiences into the research and scholarship of faculty and the preparation of students at Steinhardt. Global experiences include study outside New York City as well as immersion in international communities within New York. Steinhardt attaches great value to engagement with diversity and multiculturalism both here and abroad, facilitating this exchange within and across cultures, philosophically as well as structurally. Through face-to-face encounters and the creative use of technology, we cultivate intercultural perspectives and an appreciation for difference in the training of professionals, scholars, and practitioners in research, teaching, and artistic creation, across the fields of health, visual and performing arts, media, and education. We prepare students to engage and flourish in a multicultural environment.
Six key objectives underpin our work:
  1. Design strategic global programs of study and work that are intentionally aligned with the foci of the various departments of the school
  2. Foster research on the global learning experience and support global partnerships and collaborations that will lead to the generation of new knowledge
  3. Increase students’ understanding of and participation in global learning experiences, both in New York City and abroad
  4. Facilitate collaboration among faculty and students with shared global interests, including bi-directional exchange
  5. Increase awareness and disseminate initiatives and activities of global work, research, and curriculum
  6. Lead the University in the integration and use of technology, including online communities – to co-teach across the University; to keep students better connected to NYU in New York when they are abroad, and connect faculty at NYU to study away sites; and to reach outside of the University into the field, taking research into practice at the global sites