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  • Do I have an academic advisor?
    Every student in Steinhardt is assigned a program adviser to assist with educational planning, which includes helping you to understand degree requirements and academic options, and interpreting policies and procedures as they pertain to academic and student life.... Read More
  • How do I change a class?
    You may add courses to your program during the first 3 weeks of the semester, only. You may drop a course before the 9th week. After the 9th week, you must have the approval of both your adviser and instructor in order to drop a class. Refer to your NYU Schedule of Classes to review tuition refund g... Read More
  • How do I change my curriculum?
    Undergraduate students transferring from one curriculum to another in The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development must make the change through the Undergraduate Evaluator, Pless Hall, Second Floor, 998-5053. Graduate Students must submit an Internal Transfer application to ... Read More
  • How do I register?
    Follow the steps at /students/index.html; the automatic telephone system, TorchTone, (995-4747) or on Albert, at www.albert.nyu.edu. International Students: See the International Student Coordinator in Pless Hall, Room 31, 998-5234. If applicable, you will be referred for English competenc... Read More
  • How do I take a course on a pass/fail basis?
    For Undergraduate and Graduate Students Only matriculated students may take courses on a pass/fail basis; such courses may not exceed 25% of the student's total program or 25% of specialization courses. The pass/fail option may not be requested for courses taken in the Stern Graduate divison. Pass/... Read More
  • What are Cognates?
    Cognates are courses outside your academic program, and pertain to graduate study. Your adviser will instruct you on this requirement.... Read More
  • What does IP and IF stand for in an "E" Course?
    Incomplete Pass and Incomplete Fail. A lapsed "IP" reverts to an N (NO credit); a lapsed "IF" reverts to an F (failure) after 6 months. A lapsed "I" in an "A" or "V" course reverts to an F (failure) after 6 months.... Read More
  • What if I fail the required undergraduate Expository Writing Examination?
    Make-up exams can be arranged through the Writing Center, 269 Mercer Street, 2nd Floor, 998-8866.... Read More
  • What is the maximum number of credits per semester that I may take?
    The maximum number of points allowed per semester for most full-time students is 18. A student who registers for less than 12 points per term is considered part-time.... Read More
  • What is the procedure for undergraduates to substitute another course for a prescribed requirement?
    An undergraduate substitution form is used when an adviser would like to request official permission to make substitutions for required courses. The 2000 level courses are open only to graduate students.Undergraduate substitution forms are available from the Office of Associate Dean for Student Aff... Read More
  • Who is the advisor for international students?
    The Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS), 561 LaGuardia Place, 1st Floor, 998-4720. The Coordinator for International Students in NYU Steinhardt is located in the Office of Student Affairs, Pless Hall, 2nd Floor,998-5234.... Read More