Do I need to have a Masters Degree in Communicative Sciences and Disorders to enter the Doctoral Program?

You do not need a Master's degree in CSD in order to apply to the program. We strongly suggest that applicants have a Master's degree in CSD or a related field, but we are willing to accept applications from individuals without Master's degrees. In considering whether you should apply without a Master's degree in CSD, you should consider what you expect to do with the degree. If you want to work as a Speech Language Pathologist, you will need to complete a CSD Master's Degree. If you are interested only in research, will not need to complete a CSD Masters Degree. Please note that it will be necessary to take some MS courses in order to do research and/or teach in the field. In addition, the course requirements for the PhD program are larger for individuals who matriculate without a Master's degree. Please see the PhD program page for more information, or contact the faculty member listed on that webpage.