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Note: Google Chrome and Firefox are the preferred browsers for editing your bio. Internet explorer is not compatible with the faculty bios edit system.

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To update your bio page:

  • Locate your Bio URL
    • found in the Beta Test email or here
    • generally https://steinhardt.nyu.edu/faculty/Your_Name
  • Append "/edit" to the URL: https://steinhardt.nyu.edu/faculty/Your_Name/edit
  • Use your NYU NetID and password when prompted.
Main Bio Module

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To upload a new photo or change your existing photo:

  • Go to “choose file” and select a file from your computer.
  • Use the selection box to crop your image.
  • Click “upload this file,” then “save and exit” at the bottom of the box.

To upload a CV or syllabus:

  • Go to “choose file” and select a file from your computer.
  • Click “upload this file,” then “save and exit.”
  • The text you enter in “document name” will be the text displayed for the link to your CV or syllabus.

Any changes or uploads you make will not be saved until you click the “save your changes” button below “Your Narrative Bio” at the bottom of the main bio module.

To delete your CV, syllabus, or selected department or program, click on the trash can icon next to the item you’d like to delete. Save by clicking “Save Your Changes” at the bottom of the main bio module.

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Additional Bio Modules
(Courses Taught, Publications, Degrees Held, Research, Presentations, Grants and Awards, and Editorial Boards Modules)

Text can only be saved as a bulleted list. To re-order the items in a list, copy text and paste it into a new location. Multi-level lists are not currently supported, but will be implemented in the near future.

Custom Module:

If you would like to display information that doesn’t fall into any of the existing categories, you can create a custom module. Enter the title of the module in “your title.”

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Videos Module:

You may only link to a video that is already on either YouTube or Vimeo.

Click “Add New Video” and select either YouTube or Vimeo. Enter the title you want to display for the video.

If you need additional help, please contact us at steinhardt.webteam@nyu.edu.