Department of Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities

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Name Title Email Phone
Rene Arcilla Professor of Philosophy of Education ra45@nyu.edu 212-998-5631
Yoav Bergner Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences/Educational Technology yoav.bergner@nyu.edu 212-998-5453
Dominic Brewer Professor of Education, Economics and Policy; Gale and Ira Drukier Dean steinhardt.dean@nyu.edu 212 998 5000
Jack Buckley Research Associate Professor of Applied Statistics spb5@nyu.edu 212-992-9475
Dana Burde Associate Professor and Director of International Education dana.burde@nyu.edu 212 998 5052
Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng Assistant Professor of International Education cherng@nyu.edu 212-992-9458
Joseph Cimpian Associate Professor of Economics and Education Policy joseph.cimpian@nyu.edu
Robert Cohen Professor of Social Studies Education rpc6@nyu.edu 212 998 5460
Sean Corcoran Associate Professor of Economics and Education Policy sean.corcoran@nyu.edu 212-992-9468
Sean Drake Provost's Postdoctoral Fellow, Sociology of Education sdrake@nyu.edu 212 998 5478
James Fraser Professor of History and Education, Chair, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in the Professions
Peter Halpin Assistant Professor of Applied Statistics peter.halpin@nyu.edu (212) 998-5197
Daphna Harel Assistant Professor of Applied Statistics Daphna.Harel@nyu.edu 212 992 6701
Jennifer Hill Professor of Applied Statistics and Data Science jlh17@nyu.edu 212-992-7677
Bethamie Horowitz Research Assistant Professor of Jewish Education bh64@nyu.edu 1 (212) 998-5150
Philip M. Hosay Professor of International Education pmh2@nyu.edu 212-998-5496
Elisabeth King Associate Professor of International Education e.king@nyu.edu 212-998-5219
Ying Lu Associate Professor yl46@nyu.edu 212-998-5560
Todor Mijanovich Research Associate Professor tm11@nyu.edu 212-992-7467
Elizabeth Norman Professor elizabeth.norman@nyu.edu 212-998-5412
Diane Ravitch Research Professor dr19@nyu.edu (212) 998-5146
Marc Scott Professor of Applied Statistics marc.scott@nyu.edu 212-992-9407
Ravi Shroff Assistant Professor of Applied Statistics ravi.shroff@nyu.edu
Carol Anne Spreen Associate Professor of International Education spreen@nyu.edu 212-992-9475
Leanna Stiefel Professor, Joint Faculty Global Public Health and Steinhardt Economics and Education Policy leanna.stiefel@nyu.edu 212 998 7437
Lisa M. Stulberg Associate Professor, Sociology of Education lisa.stulberg@nyu.edu 212-992-9373
Anne Washington Assistant Professor of Data Policy anne.washington@nyu.edu
Sharon L. Weinberg Professor of Applied Statistics and Psychology sharon.weinberg@nyu.edu 212-998-2373
Meryle Weinstein Research Assistant Professor of Education Policy meryle.weinstein@nyu.edu (212)998-5817