Kenneth Peacock

Professor Emeritus of Music and Music Education

Phone: 998 5424

Dr. Kenneth Peacock, a musicologist, technologist, and expert in such diverse fields as Scriabin and synaesthesia, has led the Music Technology Program to its current position as a focal point for musical activity in the department. Dr. Peacock received his Ph.D. in Musicology from the University of Michigan School of Music, his M.A. in Musicology from the University of California, Riverside, his A.B. in French Horn at the University of California, Los Angeles, and his B.S. in Engineering from the University of Connecticut [CT State Registration No. T-3481].

Foreign Study: Universitat zu Wien, Austria; Alliance Francaise de Paris, France; Freie Universitat, Berlin, Germany

Foreign Languages: German, French, & Russian

Academic Employment:
• New York University, Tenured, (1989-present)
• Connecticut State University, Tenured (1981-1989)
• The University of Connecticut, (1980)

Selected courses taught: Digital audio processing, advanced computer music composition, electronic music, musical acoustics, music theory (all levels), applied horn, brass ensemble, woodwind & percussion ensemble, piano tuning &keyboard technology, historical tuning systems, music history (all levels), graduate specialty seminars (e.g., the music of Richard Wagner, Stage Design & the Operas of Stradella) French Horn performance orchestra, solo horn and chamber ensemble, chorus, brass quintet, theater orchestra, electronics

Misc. Awards: Ford Foundation Rackham Prize Fellowship, Connecticut Commission on the Arts grant to present a series of recitals throughout the state with the Clarion Brass Quintet, National Endowment for the Humanities Award for acoustics research project in residence at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, NEH resident artist, The Louisville Symphony Orchestra Creative Lighting designer & performer of the Tastiera per luce part in three performances of Scriabin¹s Prometheus, op. 60.

Selected Publications:
• "Computer Analysis of Clarinet Multiphonics," JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC INSTRUMENTS, vol VIII/ no. 6
• "Synesthetic Perception: Artistic and Aesthetic Implications," CURRENT RESEARCH IN ARTS MEDICINE, A Cappella: Chicago
• "20th Century Color Instruments," JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC INSTRUMENTS vol. VIII/3
• "Pre-20th Century Color Instruments," JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC INSTRUMENTS, vol. VII/2
• "Ross Lee Finney at Eighty-Five, AMERICAN MUSIC, THE JOURNAL OF THE SONNECK SOCIETY, vol. 9/ no.1
• "Instruments to Perform Color Music: Two Centuries of Technological Experimentation," LEONARDO, JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE ARTS, SCIENCES, AND TECHNOLOGY, vol. 21/ no. 4
• "Multiphonic Spectra," JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL CLARINET SOCIETY, vol. 13/ no. 2
• "Synesthetic Perception: Alexander Scriabin's Color Hearing," MUSIC PERCEPTION, Univ. of California Press, vol 2/ no. 4
• "Electronic Music Appreciation," MUSIC EDUCATORS JOURNAL, vol. 70/ no. 5
• "Bridges--Copeland 3rd Sym. MASTER MUSICIANS, W.T.McKinley, ed. analysis/notes 6/99
• "Computer Graphics and Electronic Music, JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL COMPUTER GRAPHICS ASSOCIATION, 3/90
• "The Dramatic and Musical Structure of WEEP TORN LAND," in ROSS LEE FINNEY--A SAMPLER, C.F. Peters, New York & Germany. 11/87

Professional Societies:
• College Music Society
• Sonneck Society for American Music
• National Computer Graphics Association (musical applications advisor)
• Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States
• American Musicological Society
• Society for Music Theory
• International Society for the Arts, Sciences, & Technology
• Audio Engineering Society