Jennifer Y. Kinser-Traut

Visiting Assistant Professor in Embedded Master of Arts in Teaching Program

Jennifer Y. Kinser-Traut


I am an educator and scholar.

Jennifer Y. Kinser-Traut is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Masters of Arts in Teaching in the Department of Teaching and Learning, and the Tucson Residency Director in Tucson, AZ for the EMAT program. She earned her doctorate from the University of Arizona in Teaching and Teacher Education with an emphasis in mathematics education.

Dr. Kinser-Traut’s background, both as a K-12 teacher for ten years and as a teacher/scholar at The University of Arizona, has provided her with extensive experience and expertise in urban education. Her research and teaching areas focus on preparing prospective teachers to work equitably with diverse students. Additionally, she seeks to understand urban marginalized youths' experiences engaging in school choice.