Gregory Wolniak

Clinical Associate Professor of Higher Education

Gregory Wolniak

Phone: (212) 998-5067

Curriculum Vitae/Syllabi:

Gregory Wolniak conducts research on the career and economic impacts of college, as well as the factors that influence students’ pathways into college. He is particularly interested in understanding how college students’ socioeconomic trajectories are affected by their experiences in college, their educational choices, and their institutional environments, and the degree to which learning and developmental gains students make during college translate to post-college outcomes. Wolniak is co-author on the recently-released 3rd volume of How College Affects Students (Wiley/Jossey-Bass), has published widely on the earnings effects of the college experience and has been Principal Investigator on numerous externally-funded projects, most recently receiving grants from the Spencer Foundation and the Access Group/Association for Institutional Research. Wolniak is on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Higher Education, Research in Higher Education, Teachers College Record, and Sociology of Education, with recent publications appearing in AERA Open, Teachers College Record, and Research in Higher Education. Prior to coming to NYU, Wolniak was a Senior Research Scientist with NORC at the University of Chicago. He received his doctorate in 2004 from the University of Iowa.