Faculty Challenge Grant

How To Apply for Faculty Challenge Grants

Proposal Elements and Requirements

Submit in continuous PDF file as described below. Page numbers and applicant name must appear on each page. Use 1 inch margins and 12-point font.

  • Cover Page
  • Abstract (500 words - 1 page)
  • Project Description (3 pages - must also address evaluation criteria points)
    • Background and Significance: Present state of knowledge in area of study, rationale for this study and impact/significance in its field.
    • Project Plan, Design and Methodology: Describe aims, goals and procedures employed, measures utilized and analytic plan as they relate to the present state of knowledge in the field/area of study.
    • Project Execution, Timeline and Dissemination: Describe procedure for implementing work and the chronological sequence of events. Provide explanation for how and to whom findings will be dispersed as well as plans to seek external funding to continue research study.
  • Budget and justification (1 page)
    • Complete budget and justification template (download excel template)
    • Permissible expenses include- student compensation, fringe, travel, materials and supplies, and other items associated with research project. Note: PI salary is prohibited.
    • Project duration not to exceed 12 months
    • Project period begins September 1st
  • Curriculum Vitae (Up to 5 pages)
  • List of Current External and Internal Funding (activity for past 3 years-includes Discretionary and University funds)

Human Subjects

  • Research projects which involves the use of human or animal subjects or data derived from either subject requires approval from NYU’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). Visit the University Committee on Activities Involving Human Subjects or the University Animal Welfare Committee websites for more information, if applicable.
  • Investigators are strongly encouraged to apply for human subjects’ approval shortly after the application is submitted.
  • The Office of Research must receive a copy of the UCAIHS approval before awarded funds are released.

Submission Process and Deadline

  • Full proposals must be submitted electronically no later than 5:00pm March 8, 2019, to Office of Research at steinhardt.research@nyu.edu.
  • File should be one continuous pdf and naming convention as follows:
    • Award Mechanism initials: AC, CC, CDC, GRI, RD, MPRF
    • Principal Investigator last name
    • Call response period (ie: Spring 2018)

Review and Notification Process

  • The Review Committee will undertake comprehensive evaluations of all proposals, identifying those they believe to be most meritorious using standard peer review process.
  • Decisions will be made by the beginning of May and announced at the Steinhardt Faculty Brunch.