Faculty Challenge Grant

Faculty Challenge Grant Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must:
  • All full-time Steinhardt faculty members are eligible to apply
  • Applicants haven’t received challenge grant funding within the past two year
  • Research Development Awards only - preference given to junior faculty who received their PhD within the last 5 years with interest in areas that have historically seen limited research funding
  • Steinhardt Cross-Department Awards only - preference will be given to applications that bring together faculty from Departments that have historically had fewer interconnections (e.g., Music and Art with those departments engaging in Education issues) and for interdisciplinary efforts that are especially innovative or potentially transformative to the field

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated on:
  • Experience and potential of the project investigator to conduct the proposed research
  • Significance and potential for advancing the field of study
  • Innovation in approach, methods and/or concept
  • Feasibility of the conceptual framework, plan and methodology
  • Well-specified research problem
  • Dissemination plans for outcomes and findings
Community Collaborative Awards only-additional criteria
  • Proposed work is community-based or centered
  • Results will contribute to advancing external collaborations and partnerships
  • Letter or support and intent to collaborate from proposed community based partner
  • Statement of work that clearly delineates the roles of both the researcher and community-based entity conducting the work
  • Enhancing translation of theory to practice
Global Research Incubator Awards only-additional criteria
  • Significance, intellectual merit, and potential for opening new directions of research
  • How the proposed research promotes a global perspective in the field of study, may contribute to globalizing curricula in your program of study, or lead to longer-term, funded, international research collaborations
  • Strength of rationale for the location of the project's work
  • Potential for future extramural funding

Awards and Reporting

  • Prior approval required for budget revisions
  • Expectation that projects will be completed by August 31st
  • A one-page progress report is submitted no later than 60 days after award expiration date
  • Recipients may be asked to present findings at a Steinhardt Research forum