Faculty Challenge Grant

Arts and Culture Awards

These awards provide up to $10,000 in total costs and support the development of projects which might not receive funding under traditional grant mechanisms. Such projects could include, critical, theoretical and/or historical studies, artistic work (including creating and performing), work related to communications and media studies, or any other projects that will enhance one's scholarship or creativity.

Criteria for evaluation
  • The extent to which the work will lead to the development of scholarly or creative work (e.g., critical, theoretical and/or historical studies, projects in the visual arts and music)
  • Significance and potential for advancing the field of study
  • Innovation in approach
  • Well-specified plan
  • Feasibility of undertaking the project
  • Experience and potential of the project investigator to conduct the proposed work
  • Dissemination plans
Eligibility and Restrictions
  • All full-time Steinhardt faculty members are eligible to apply.
  • Faculty members may not receive an award from the same award program (Arts and Culture, Community Collaborative, etc.) two years in a row.
  • Awards may not exceed 12 months.
  • Final proposals due March 20, 2017.
  • Submission Prodecures and other information.
Previously Funded Arts and Culture Awards

Arts and Culture Awards Proposal Elements

Application Face Page

Please provide a 500-word project abstract

Project Description

The Project Description should not exceed 5 pages (minimum Arial 11 pt font, 1/2" margins, single spaced) including all pictures, graphs, and tables. Please include the following four sections in the body of the proposal:

  • Background and Significance: Describe the present state of knowledge in the area of study. Provide a rationale for this study and describe the impact/significance of the proposed project on the state of knowledge in its field.
  • Program Overview, Design, and Procedures: Describe the project aims and goals and how these relate to the present state of knowledge. Describe the methodology and the procedures that will be employed, including a detailed description of study participants (if relevant), measures to be utilized, and analytic plan.   
  • Project plan.  Provide a detailed procedure for executing the work, including the roles the investigator(s) will play in undertaking this study and the roles of other individuals who will be involved in the project.   If human subjects are used provide a description of how participant rights will be protected in light of both NYU and community-based IRB procedures. Describe the role that students will play in this project.
  • Dissemination: Provide a detailed explanation of how and to whom findings will be disseminated. Provide a description of potential external funding which will be sought based on the findings of this study.

Provide a timeline for completing the study.

Curriculum Vitae 

5 page limit

Other Funding

Please provide a full list of external and internal funding received in the past 3 years (include Challenge Grants, Discretionary Funds, University Grants, and external grants received).


On required form, please list necessary costs utilizing provided budget template. Costs may include such items as salary for student research assistants (which must include fringe benefits), travel necessary to the project, fieldwork expenses, computer time, consultation. Funding cannot be used for PI salary or equipment. Include a one-page budget justification explaining the purpose of each line item.