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Student Awards, Reimbursements, and Prizes

Expense Management

Key Considerations Before Issuing Payment

Before submitting a student payment request, please review NYU’s Business Expense Policy to ensure that the payment is compliant with university policy.

In addition, please review the following tax reporting guidance:

  • Reimbursements for US citizens/permanent residents carry no tax reporting responsibilities so long as they are for valid NYU business purposes and submitted within 60 days.
  • Undergraduate US citizens/permanent residents not on NYU’s payroll will be issued a 1099 if they receive payments greater than $600 in a calendar year.
  • Non-resident aliens receiving payments must be entered in GLACIER, a tax treaty evaluation database for non-resident aliens, except for reimbursements so long as they are submitted within 60 days and are for valid NYU business purposes. Tax treaty with home country determines taxability and whether 1042-S and/or W-2 will be issued at year end.

Processing Student Reimbursements, Awards & Prizes

Please refer to the administrator tip sheet for a detailed walk-through of the new student reimbursement process outlined below. 

Please refer students to the student tip sheet should they have any questions regarding the new student reimbursement process or would like a walk-through from a student`s perspective. 

New Student Reimbursement Process

  1. Student contacts a school/unit administrator (admin) to initiate reimbursement
  2. Admin initiates an email with a link to the online form (one-time use/does not expire) to the student via NYU Albert
  3. Student completes and submits the online form
    • Student will receive a confirmation email
  4. Admin reviews the form and adds the chartfield information
    • Multiple chartfields can be added / chartfields can be split 
  5. Form is routed for school approval. Approval flows are determined by the school/unit. 
  6. Once approved by the school/unit, the form is routed to Accounts Payable (AP). AP reviews the form and receipt(s) and approves or denies. 
  7. If approved, the student will receive payment (see page 3 administrator tip sheet for payment methods). 

US Citizens/permanent residents receiving an award or prize will receive the Tax Status of Scholarship and Fellowship Awards letter. Non-resident Aliens will be prompted to register in Glacier to determine taxability.

Contact the Steinhardt Finance team at for additional information.