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Paying Bills and Purchasing Goods and Services

Expense Management

i-Buy NYU is the University's system for requisitioning, paying suppliers/ vendors, and procuring goods and services. To use i-Buy NYU, log in to the Work tab of NYU Home, search for the Buying and Paying channel, and click on the i-BUY link.

Roles within i-BUY:

  • Shopper - An individual who can create shopping carts in i-BUY.
    Anyone with an NYU netid is automatically given the role of Shopper in i-BUY. A Shopper cannot submit an order without first assigning it to a requester.
  • Requester - An individual who can create shopping carts and submit shopping cart orders in i-BUY.
    To request the role of requester in i-BUY, an email must be sent to
  • Approver - Reviews shopping carts and approves based on business purpose and budget
    Only department administrators (DAs) and the Steinhardt Finance team are granted the role of approver within the parameters of the delegation of authority database.

Requesting a New Supplier

All vendors on-boarded in the NYU i-BUY system are classified as either entities, individuals, honorarium, or a guest reimbursement. 

Entity: A Corporation, Partnership, or other Organization that will provide services to the University for which payment is required. 

To request an Entity on-boarded in i-BUY, you will need the following information before beginning the supplier on-board process: 

  1. Supplier name, the first & last name of a contact in the company, supplier email address and supplier phone number
  2. An invoice, quote, or pricing agreement is required as support during the on-boarding process.

*Note: The supplier will be sent the Long Form to register as it will be geared towards an entity registering to become a new NYU supplier.

Individual: A prospective supplier providing services to the University as an independent contractor or consultant in his or her individual capacity (including as a sole proprietor or single-member LLC).  

*New Independent Contractor Process [required for all payments to individuals]

To request an individual on-boarded in i-BUY, you will need the following information before beginning the supplier on-boarding process: 

  1. Supplier name, the first & last name of a contact in the company, supplier email address and supplier phone number
  2. Answers to the Independent contractor on-boarding questionnaire. These questions will be asked during the on-boarding process.

* Note: The Individual will be sent the registration form that is specific to an Independent Contractor. It is a longer form than the individual profile and will ask questions related to issuance of PO’s and questions geared to requesting the Independent Contractor to provide proof of Insurance to NYU.

Honorarium: The use of University funds for a payment presented to an external recipient as a gesture of good will or in appreciation of efforts and time given to the University, for which payment was not required. An example of an honorarium recipient is a guest lecturer or speaker from outside the University that performed a free service without the expectation of payment. 

*To request the on-boarding of an honorarium recipient in i-BUY, you`ll need the following information before beginning the supplier on-boarding process: 

  1. An honorarium agreement that was completed by an NYU employee and signed by the recipient and Department Administrator (DA)/Director of the department that has signature authority to sign honorariums.

Please refer to the Department Signatories List to determine the appropriate signatory for your department. 

Guest Reimbursement: Repayment of travel expenses (i.e. meals, lodging, and transportation) incurred by a distinguished guest who traveled to NYU on University Business. 

To request the on-boarding of a guest in i-BUY, you will need the following information before beginning the supplier on-boarding process: 

  1. Guest first & last name, Guest email address and phone number
  2. Business purpose of the guest`s travel to NYU
  3. Receipts are needed as proof of expense for all guest reimbursements

*Honorarium & Guest Reimbursements are one-time activation in i-BUY. Once the vendor is paid, they`re deactivated in the system. 

Note: NYU Students or Current Employees are not permitted as Suppliers in i-Buy! Please contact your department administrator to assist with payments to students and current NYU staff. 

Types of Orders and Payments that can be processed via i-BUY

Catalog “Punchout” Order

Punchout orders connect to a supplier’s website, but are branded for NYU and use NYU`s contract pricing. Punchout sites retain the look-and-feel of the supplier’s regular public website; however, the checkout will result in the products being returned to your active shopping cart in i-Buy NYU. This can be done by a shopper or a requester.

What can I order?

  • Educational Supplies, Office Supplies, Office Furniture, and Branded Merchandise
  • Catering
  • Technology and Computer Accessories (Please contact before ordering)
  • Facility Products and Equipment (Please contact before ordering)
  • Items from the NYU Bookstore
  • Dental Equipment
  • Scientific/ Medical Equipment
  • Printing Services

Non-Catalog Orders

Non-Catalog Orders are intended to address purchasing needs that fall outside of typical requests within a catalog “punchout” site and forms (i.e. paying one-time independent contractors and fees for service invoices)

*Payments via Non-Catalog Orders can only be processed to Individuals and Entities.


Bid Waiver Form
Used for the purchase of supplies, equipment or services not under contract requiring the expenditure of funds in excess of $10,000 (with the exception of Construction Services, which has a separate threshold). 

Catering Form
Used for all catering order requests from NYU’s approved caterers. Caterers that are not approved are subject to further Procurement team review. 

Change Order Form
Used to increase/decrease a POs total dollar value, change a POs chartfield, and close a PO.

Guest Reimbursements Form
Reimbursing a guest for travel, meals or other expenses agreed to be reimbursed by NYU. 

Subaward [Research Only]
Replaces the Flextecs subaward invoice approval process. The format of this form has been designed to ensure the proper accounting structure is applied to the resulting purchase order. 

Submitting Standing Orders
A standing order is a PO that setup when you`re paying vendor and is expecting multiple invoices in different dollar amounts per invoice.

Venue/ Events Forms
Used for space and event-related expenditures. Requests must be submitted sufficiently in advance of the event to allow for any deposits or check requests to be processed. 

Below is other commonly Used i-Buy NYU Resources Portal Materials:

Please visit the i-Buy NYU Resource Portal for best practices guidelines, training modules, FAQs, and additional reference material.

For additional information  and questions regarding i-BUY, please contact the Steinhardt`s finance team at