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How to Accept Credit/Debit Card Payments

Expense Management

ePayments is the official service for accepting electronic payments at NYU. It is designed to allow the acceptance of credit cards, online gift donations, conference registration, specific fees related to a University event, and other products and services sold at NYU. Payments may be accepted online, or in person through a Point of Sale (POS) device (note that a POS device costs $600-$800).

A 2.15% credit card acceptance feeĀ is deducted from each payment received.

Before submitting a request for access, please visit the ePayments page to review policies and procedures. Non-compliance with these policies and procedures will result in immediate suspension of the ePayments account.

Requesting Access to ePayments Portal

To request access to ePayments, please send an email, including a brief explanation of how the ePayments account will be used, to the Steinhardt Finance team at and include

Once the request has been approved by Steinhardt Finance, users must complete cybersecurity training, administered by a third party vendor called Trustwave. Upon finishing the training, users must email the certificate of completion to Steinhardt Finance to be granted access to ePayments.

Users are also required to complete cybersecurity training administered by Trustwave on an annual basis. Trustwave will contact users directly to communicate deadlines and instructions for completing the training. If this training is not completed by the deadline communicated by Trustwave, accounts will be suspended immediately.

Processing Refunds, Credits and Voids

Should you need to process a Refund, Credit, or Void please submit an e-mail request to with the following information:

1. LAST NAME, FIRST NAME (The Last Name and the First Name of the person charged on the original transaction).

2. AMOUNT (The Amount charged in the original transaction).

3. CHARGE DATE (The Charge Date of the original transaction).

4. AMOUNT TO BE REFUNDED (The Amount to be Refunded - whether partial or whole).

5. MERCHANT ID (The Merchant IDs are selected on each new form. For example, nyu_udar, nyu_stern, nyu_scps, etc.)

Once the refund has been processed, the ePayments team will send a confirmation email with an attachment as back-up for filing purposes.

For more information, please contact the Steinhardt Finance team at