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Booking Business Travel

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1. What is NYU Traveler (Egencia)? 

Egenica is NYU's preferred online travel booking tool managed by Expedia for all Faculty, Staff and Students travelling for University business or educational purposes. 

2. How do I gain access to Egencia? 

Egencia is automatically available to anyone with an NYU Netid. You can login to NYU Traveler (Egencia) via the work tab on NYU Home. You may also call a travel consultant at Egencia via the toll free number +1-877-613-4284, however a $25 fee is applied for transactions completed via the phone services. 

In order to charge your department's travel (CTA) card for your upcoming business travel, please contact your Department Administrator to be linked to your department`s Egencia account. 

3. What kind of Travel can I book via Egencia? 

You can book Flights, Amtrak, Car Rentals and Hotels via the Egencia webpage or by calling the toll free number +1-877-613-4284 (please note there is a $25 fee for transactions processed via the phone service). 

4. What are the benefits of Egencia? 

  • Discounts for booking with preferred companies

 (includes access to discounted rates for hotels within the US and at any foreign location that NYU resides)

  • Expense is automatically charged to the Department`s travel (CTA) card 
  • Ability to use your loyalty accounts to claim rewards 
  • Car rentals automatically include loss damage waiver and liability insurance
  • Automatic enrollment in NYU`s safe traveler alert program 

(When you register a trip via Egencia, NYU's Department of Public Safety can reach out to help you in case of an emergency at your destination. Before you go, Egencia will alert you if weather or labor strikes might disrupt your itinerary. While you are away, Egencia will establish contact if a local incident might impact you.)

5. When can I book Economy Plus or Business Class Travel? 

Travelers are expected to purchase economy-class travel. Upgrades to economy plus and business-class without prior approval will not be reimbursed.

Economy Plus - Approval is required before the purchase of economy plus tickets and is granted by the Department`s Administrator (DA). Please contact your DA with justification for an upgrade to economy plus.

Business Class - Business class travel may be allowed for transoceanic flights and continuous flights > 6 hours, but must be pre-approved by Steinhardt Dean`s Office. Please contact the Dean`s Office ( with justification for an upgrade to Business class for review and approval. 

6. What about Guests? Can they use Egencia? 

For Guests, NYU offers the option of creating a guest account in Egencia. Each department has one guest account that may be used to book travel for guests traveling to NYU for business (this excludes Consultants and/or Contractors). Consultants and Contractors traveling on NYU business must pay for travel expenses out-of-pocket and claim reimbursement on their invoice to NYU. 

Please contact your Department Administrator to use the guest account. 

7. What if I need assistance outside of NYU operating hours? 

If you need assistance outside of NYU`s operating hours, you can call NYU`s Egencia customer service line at toll free number +1-877-613-4284. The customer service team will address all your Egencia needs, including changing/canceling flights. 

8. Is there a mobile app?

Yes, please download Egencia's TripNavigator smartphone application. 

If you have any questions or comments please contact or NYU`s Egencia team at