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All students enrolled in NYU Steinhardt courses have the opportunity to evaluate their experience through our online course evaluation surveys. Steinhardt moved from paper to online course evaluations in Fall 2011. These evaluations have been administered by the Office of Accreditation and Assessment  since 2015.

Students Log In for Course Evaluations

  • To complete any outstanding evaluations within the evaluation period.
  • To view quantitative survey results for all courses since 2011. 

Teachers Log In for Course Evaluations

  • To view response rate progress
  • To add questions to their course evaluation(s)
  • To view results

Policies and Procedures

  • Evaluations are anonymous such that student information cannot be linked to student responses.
  • Evaluations run for 21 days and end on the final day of classes.
  • While periods can be extended, they cannot be extended after the posting of final grades.
  • Results of evaluations are made available once 95% of an academic department’s grades are posted.
  • Evaluation results are released to instructors and department chairs simultaneously. 
  • A sample copy of the standardized questionnaire required.


 For further information regarding SmartEvals, here is a tutorial video on how to get started, logging in, adding questions to surveys, emailing unanswered students, and viewing your results.