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NYU Steinhardt's priority is safeguarding the health of our community, the communities we serve, and the general public by avoiding formal and informal gatherings whenever possible. We are exploring alternative options for as many upcoming events as possible. Please use the Contact Us link on each event for more information and visit NYU's Coronavirus Information webpage for University updates.

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Creating Language Rich Classrooms for ELLs Around the Hallmarks of Advanced Literacies Instruction (Grades 6-12)

Implementing instructional units of study that include a range of texts in order to advance ELLs’ language proficiency, build their academic vocabulary, promote strong reading comprehension, and…

Areas of Study: Education

NYU Steinhardt Music Technology Online Studio Tour

An opportunity for prospective students to learn more about the studios at NYU Steinhardt Music Technology, held every other Tuesday this spring.

Areas of Study: The Arts

Street Food: Why Is It So Tempting? A Historical, Economic, and Cultural Look behind Food Carts

Take a virtual tour of the new restaurant Crop Circle in Greenwich Village to see how the popular Chinese snack food guokui is made. After the tour Professor Krishnendu Ray will lead a discussion on…

Funding Your Graduate Education Webinar

Please join us to learn more about funding sources and the financial aid application process at NYU Steinhardt.

Online Information Session, MA Art Therapy

Join us for an online information session to learn about the programs for the MA Art Therapy degree.

Areas of Study: The Arts

NYU Teacher Residency Info Session

Interested in MAT, Secondary Education, Teacher Residency at NYU Steinhardt? Attend our next virtual information session.

Professionals in CSD Speaker Series: Sign Language for All! (Except Those Who Need it Most)

Learn more about the field of communicative sciences and disorders from Miami University of Ohio's Aaron Shield, a passionate advocate for the rights of deaf children to a fully accessible language.

Areas of Study: Health

IES-PIRT Proseminar Series: Dr. Seth Gershenson

Dr. Seth Gershenson from American University will give a presentation as part of the IES-PIRT Proseminar series.

Check-in Chat

Virtual check-in chats with Student Engagement and Services Team from Student Affairs to see how you are adjusting to virtual academics.

Embodied Supervision in Drama Therapy Part 1

Maria Hodermarska, Britton Williams, and Dana Trottier will invite participants to reflect on the theoretical assumptions and practices associated with two approaches to embodied supervision in drama…

Fashion In/Action: Dressing for Global Unrest

MA Costume Studies presents "Fashion In/Action: Dressing for Global Unrest." This exhibition tells the story of 2020 through the lens of fashion, a medium that has emerged as an important site for…

Areas of Study: The Arts

Towards a theory and practice of tele-drama therapy: A roundtable conversation

Dr. Nisha Sajnani will host a roundtable conversation about the emerging practice of tele-drama therapy.

How does drama therapy facilitate change?: Advancing research on therapeutic mechanisms of change

In this roundtable discussion, researchers will present ideas and findings related to shared and specific mechanisms of change in the creative arts therapies with specific attention to core and meta…

IES-PIRT Proseminar Series: Dr. Anne Gregory

Dr. Anne Gregory from Rutgers University will give a presentation as part of the IES-PIRT Proseminar Series.

Dialogues with Delmy: Undergraduate Students

Join Associate Dean Delmy M. Lendof for a casual, informal conversation where our undergraduate students can meet, share, and ask questions of the Associate Dean.

Embodied Supervision in Drama Therapy Part 2*

We will meet participants of the film about their experience of the ethics and aesthetics of embodied supervision.

Trauma-informed Developmental Transformations (TC-DvT)

Trauma has a tendency to create interpersonal rigidity as survivors attempt to avoid and shield themselves from reminders of harmful lived experiences. Trauma-centered drama therapists Alicia Stephen…

The COATT Model of Therapeutic Theatre in the Treatment of Eating Disorders*

Dr. Laura Wood, Dave Mowers, and colleagues will reflect on the CoATT approach in the context of recovery from eating disorders; an approach that combats sizeism as much as it supports specific…

Black American Role Taxonomy: Empowering Black Youth*

Adam Stevens and colleagues will discuss the Black American Role Taxonomy, an approach to drama therapy grounded in role theory and practice which has been used, in this context, to explore…

Group Developmental Transformations to Support Vitality and Growth Amongst Women in Mid-Life*

Women over 50 face much change and turbulence. We also find ourselves in a stage of life that is uncharted, mired with negative bias and pretty much overlooked in developmental and psychological…