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IES-PIRT Proseminar Series: Dr. Amy Hsin

A picture of Dr. Amy Hsin standing outdoors in front of shrubs
(1 hour 30 minutes)

Dr. Amy Hsin of Queens College, CUNY will present as part of the IES-PIRT Proseminar series.

Stratified Entry into Illegality: How Mode of Entry into the US Shapes Illegality among Diverse Undocumented Youth

Abstract: Research shows that legal status is a critical axis of stratification but fails to recognize how US immigration policies further sort the population, creating differing experiences of illegality. Drawing on interviews with a diverse sample of 105 undocumented or formerly undocumented immigrant youth in New York City, we introduce the concept of stratified entry into illegality to illustrate how migrants’ nationality, race and socioeconomic status shapes their mode of entry which, in turn, shapes opportunities to adjust legal status and escape illegality. We show how notions of deservingness embedded in US immigration policies criminalize those who enter the country without inspection affording them fewer opportunities to attain legal residency compared those who entered the country with a visa. We show how immigration regimes intersect with other axes of stratifications to further stratify the undocumented population, complicating documented/undocumented dichotomies.

The Institute of Education Sciences-funded Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training (IES-PIRT) program is an interdisciplinary fellowship program designed to train students of diverse backgrounds to become outstanding researchers in the educational sciences. In addition to funding doctoral students from the seven affiliated departments across NYU the program includes a proseminar series. The series brings together presentations by both NYU and external experts who will help to introduce, reintroduce, and consolidate students' advanced understanding of the concepts of internal, external, construct, and statistical validity.

Unless otherwise noted, all sessions are scheduled at 12:00pm-1:30pm virtually via Zoom. For Zoom links, please email with the date you wish to attend.