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Communicative Sciences and Disorders Spring 2021 Colloquium - Dr. Elizabeth D. Peña

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(1 hour 15 minutes)
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Please join UC Irvine's Dr. Elizabeth D. Peña for a presentation entitled, "Rethinking Bilingual Development and Disorder."


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In the US, one in five children has exposure to another language in their home or community. As such, patterns of language acquisition can be highly variable. An educational challenge in this population is how to distinguish between typical and atypical performance in L1 and L2 use. Comparison of bilingual children’s language to monolinguals may contribute to high rates of misidentification of developmental language disorder (DLD). On the other hand, assumptions of a “normal” bilingual delay may contribute to documented delays in identification and intervention. In this talk I will present data examining 1) whether bilingual children are at elevated risk for DLD; 2) how we can combine L1 and L2 performance to increase diagnostic accuracy for determining DLD in bilinguals; and 3) the nature of the “bilingual delay” using a person-based vs. a variable-based approach.

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