Educational Leadership, Politics, and Advocacy

This program prepares you who want to work towards social and education equity through leadership, politics, policy, and advocacy positions in and around schools.  The professional pathways of our graduates take such varied forms as work in schools or colleges to promote equity and support success of diverse students, in community-based organizations that provide opportunities for youth development, or with policy makers engaging in research and analysis. 

The program is designed for students with one year or more of post-collegiate volunteer or paid work experience in an educational setting

Required courses explore multiple theoretical perspectives, themes of equity and social justice, the needs and experiences of diverse children and youth in high need communities, and the importance of linking scholarship and action on behalf of communities, schools, children, youth, and their families.

The curriculum offers considerable flexibility in creating a program of study that best serves your own purposes and aspirations.  You can pursue multiple strategies for analyzing and critically assessing issues of leadership and education policy at the federal, state, and local levels and develop competencies to use approaches to inquiry. 

As part of your studies, you will participate in continuous field-based experience. The culminating activities are an internship in community-based advocacy organizations, schools, or research centers and development of a portfolio that integrates your professional and academic experiences.

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