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MM, Music Technology/Advanced Certificate, Tonmeister Studies

Curriculum for MM in Music Technology and Advanced Certificate in Tonmeister Studies (54 Credits)

Courses italicized are minimum requirements for Advanced Certificate.

First Fall

First Fall
Course # Course Name
MPATE-GE 2600   Music Technology: Digital Audio Processing I
MPATE-GE 2598   Fundamentals of Digital Signal Theory  
MPATE-GE 2599     Fundamentals of Digital Signal Theory Lab   
MPATE-GE XXXX  Performance Ensemble*
  Unrestricted Elective (or MPATE-GE 2650 Ear Training For Audio Engineers)

First Spring

First Spring
Course # Course Name
MPATE-GE 2601  Music Technology: Digital Audio Processing II
MPATE-GE 2036   Advanced Music Acoustics
MPATE-GE 2402  Psychology of Music (or other Cognate Elective)
MPATE-GE 2047  Advanced Computer Music Composition 

First Summer

First Summer
Course # Course Name
MPATE-GE 2111  Tonmeister Technology I
MPATE-GE 2312  Tonmeister Technology II 

Second Fall

Second Fall
Course # Course Name
  Restricted Elective*
  Unrestricted Elective (or MPATE-GE 2627 Aesthetics of Recording)
  Unrestricted Elective (or MPATE-GE 2629 Advanced Audio Production)
MPATE-GE 2616  Colloquy in Music Technology

Second Spring

Second Spring
Course # Course Name
  Unrestricted Elective      
MPATE-GE 2626  Thesis Defense 

Third Fall

First Summer
Course # Course Name
MPATE-GE 2605  Graduate Internship in Music Technology

Third Spring

First Summer
Course # Course Name
MPATC-GE 2200  Seminar in Music Theory 

* Students in the dual degree take performance ensemble for 2 credits
** Restricted electives include Electronics, Computer Simulation, Mastering, and 3-D audio

** Below is a list of suggested electives. Should any student entering into the Tonmeister certificate program have already taken a required class, they can substitute the credits for any elective listed here: 

Suggested Electives

Suggested Electives
Course # Course Name
MPATE-GE 2613  3-D Audio
MPATE-GE 2620   Audio For Video 
MPATE-GE 2609  Electronic Music Performance 
MPATC-GE 2049  Contemporary Scoring 
MPATC-GE 2020  Advanced Orchestration
MPAME-GE 2102 

Fundamentals of Conducting 

MPATC-GE 2200  Seminar in Music Theory 
MPATC-GE 2440 

Music In The Baroque Period *

MPATC-GE 2073  Music in The Classical Area  *
MPATC-GE 2460 

Music In The Romantic Period *

MPATC-GE 2095 

Songwriting History and Criticism

MPATC-GE 2039 

Contemporary Music

MPATC-GE 2046 

Music Criticism

MPAME-GE 2096 

Advanced Instrumental Conducting 

MPAMB-GE 2204 

Ethics of the Entertainment Industry

MPAMB-GE 2202 

Promotions & Publicity in the Music Industry 

MPATE-GE 2636 

History and Preservation of Early Sound Recordings 

MPATE-GE 2615 

Electronics By Computer Simulation