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We are suspending applications for Fall 2020 admission while the faculty are conducting a review of the program. Please check back for information on Fall 2021 admissions at a later time.

The master's program requires 36 points that can be completed in two years of full-time study. Students take 18 points in courses in the history of education on such topics as past and present theories about the function of the school and the role of the teacher in the educative process, the place of the humanities and sciences in education, historical analyses and comparisons of leading educational theorists of the 20th century, and readings in the history of Western thought. In addition, students take 12 points in courses outside the history of education, which are selected in consultation with an adviser, and 6 points working on a final integrating paper, the topic for which will emerge from the student's program of study.


Courses in the History of Education include:

HSED-GE 2009 History of American Education
This course will examine the major themes, developments, and dilemnas of educational history in the United States. How have historians defined and explored American education? What are the major achievements of the field? The weaknesses? And how might it improve? Topics will include the rise of public and parochial school systems; the endless drive for 'school reform', and the myriad ways that race, religion, and ethnicity have influenced it.

HSED-GE 2067 History of Higher Education
Discussions of selected topics in the social and intellectual history of higher education in America since 1750. Integration of educational policies and functions, with attention to limitations of educational responsibility, development of institutional structures, changing modes for gaining and imparting knowledge, and the social prerogatives and initiatives variously assigned to an educated class.

HSED-GE 2070 Public Problems: Introduction to Education and Social Policy
Discussion of current problems in educational and social policy. Topics will include family and social welfare policy, schooling, higher education, employment and culture. A broad overview of the fundamental issues involved in framing public problems and practices.

HSED-GE 2173 History of American Education and Society: Education and the “Culture Wars”
Examination of the 'culture wars' in American public education over the past century, focusing on battles over religion, race and ethnicity. Looks at how and why the school curriculum became an arena of cultural conflict. Emphasis on historical scholarship and analysis to clasrify present-day disputes and dilemnas.

HSED-GE 2174 History of American Education: Race & Ethnicity
Considers various agencies and institutions by which American culture is transmitted from one generation to the next; problems dealing with settlement houses and immigration, progressive education, the great depression, mass culture and movies, and contemporary youth culture are studied.

HSED-GE 2400 Foundations of Education: History of Education
A critical examination of several histories of American education. Compares historical analyses of the changes in curriculum, structure, and functions of American education in relation to the changing social and political contexts.