Scott Colloquium Abstract

Kathleen Scott

 A meta-analytic examination of the language outcomes of internationally adopted children


This talk will present a systematic and meta-analytic review of the language development of children who are internationally adopted. The presentation examines the questions of whether the early life experiences of internationally adopted children and the language switch that occurs after adoption hinder the acquisition of language skills. Available studies on the language acquisition of internationally adopted children were reviewed base on the following eligibility criteria: 1) Participants clearly identified as internationally adopted, 2) measurable language outcomes reported, 3) use of a control group or normative measure in the design of the study, and 4) effect size reported or data provided to calculate effect size. A meta-analyses was conducted that found that as a group the children expressed great variability in the development of their language skills. Overall, they were more likely to have poorer language outcomes than comparison children, but several moderating variables were found. The results of the meta-analysis have direct clinical application regarding the assessment and treatment of language skills of internationally adopted children.