Spring 2010 Research Colloquium Schedule

Research Colloquium Schedule Spring 2010

New York University
Tuesdays 1:15-2:30 pm

665 Broadway - 9th floor Conference Room
Dr. Adam Buchwald, Colloquium Coordinator
Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders

February 9
Ben Munson, PhD (website)
University of Minnesota
Within-category variation in phonological acquisition: language specificity, perceptual bias, and alternatives to transcription

February 23
Jason Zevin, PhD (website)
Sackler Institute for Developmental Psychobiology
Learning and limits on adult plasticity for speech

March 9
Vivien Tartter, PhD (website)
Toward a Dynamic Tactile Tablet: Graphic Space Perception in Different Modalities

March 30
Aude Noiray, PhD (website)
Haskins Laboratories
Motor Speech Production

April 13
Jonathan Preston, PhD (website)
Haskins Laboratories
Phonological processing skills of children with speech sound disorders

April 27
Irina Sekerina, PhD (website)
College of Staten Island and CUNY Graduate Center
Online spoken language comprehension in heritage speakers: Evidence from eye movements


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