Spring 2011 Research Colloquium Schedule

Research Colloquium Schedule Spring 2011

New York University
Tuesday 3-4:30 pm

665 Broadway - 9th floor Conference Room

Dr. Sharon M. Antonucci, Colloquium Coordinator
Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders

February 8
Lorena Llosa
, PhD
NYU/Steinhardt Dept. of Teaching & Learning
Title: Can we trust teacher judgments? Validating a standards-based classroom assessment of English proficiency

March 1
Yael Goverover
, PhD
NYU/Steinhardt Dept. of Occupational Therapy
Title: Advancing Functional Assessments for Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis

March 29
Emily Myers
, PhD
Dept. of Communicative Sciences & Psychology, University of Connecticut
Title: Finding the forest in the trees: How the brain processes acoustic variability to map meaning

April 12
Ryan Branski
, PhD
NYU SOM Dept. of Otolaryngology
Title: The Biology of Voice Disorders and Rehabilitations

April 26
Jonathan Peelle
, PhD
Dept. of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania
Title: A resource allocation framework for speech comprehension: Healthy aging, individual differences, and task demands

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