Undergraduate Studies

Steinhardt Courses Which Satisfy The Liberal Arts Requirement:

Note: Students will select 16 credits of liberal arts electives to round out their academic program. These courses are chosen from liberal arts disciplines offered in the College of Arts and Sciences, such as Psychology, Linguistics, Art History, Foreign Languages, and Creative Writing.   Students have the additional option of selecting from the following NYU Steinhardt courses to satisfy liberal arts electives.

LIBAR-UE 1401 Cognition and Everyday Life:
The Science of Neurorehabilitation Through readings, case studies, & observations students will examine specific cognitive abilities that are crucial for everyday activities. Students will study brain functions in normal & brain-damage populations & will learn about different cognitive rehabilitation approaches from a multidisciplinary perspective. Students will also learn about theoretical approaches designed to address cognitive & perceptual impairments such as attention, orientation executive functions & more. Emphasis will be on cognitive problem identification: the evaluation process, & presentation of different treatment approaches in rehabilitation science. Course is appropriate for students interested in pre-health, nursing, speech pathology, education, psychology, linguistics, & neuroscience.

ASL-UE 93 (Was E64.0093)—American Sign Language Level III
Prerequisite: Successful completion of ASL-UE 92 ASL Level II

ASL-UE 94 (Was E64.0094)—American Sign Language Level IV
Prerequisite: Successful completion of ASL-UE 92 ASL Level III