ADDITIONAL STEINHARDT Course Offerings to Satisfy Expressive Culture Map Requirement

BS in Communicative Sciences and Disorders

ADDITIONAL STEINHARDT Course Offerings to Satisfy Expressive Culture Map Requirement

Note: These courses are offered in addition to the usual courses which satisfy the Expressive Cultures requirement listed under Morse Academic Plan (MAP) on Albert.

LIBAR-UE 1871 International Art Film, Social Change, and the Experience of Modernity—OFFERED *WINTER SESSION 2012*
This course will explore how films from a variety of historical situations & national cultures may shed light on a common experience: that of living in a society undergoing modernization. People in these situations have to cope with the loss of their old, familiar world & the emergence of a new one of hopes & challenges. Such settings are apt to give rise to dramas of existential meaning & to experimental artistic forms that facilitate our learning from such dramas; indeed they produce the modernist art cinema. This course will address questions that include: What is modernist art cinema& how does it employ certain characteristic forms to explore dramas that are specifically rooted in modernizing societies? How do such films illuminate different paths, & ways of responding, to the existential questions at the heart of these dramas? What are some of the chief considerations that should guide our critical response to these films? What can we learn from the films about the experience of modernity? We will address these & related questions with a concrete focus on select cinematic works from a spectrum of non-anglophone countries. There are no prerequisites for the course & all are welcome.

LIBAR-UE 941 (Was E52.0941/E90.0010) Art: Practice and Ideas
Examines key developments in the visual arts from modernity to the present. Focusing on the ways in which representations both create and reflect the values of a society, the course introduces students to the full range of expressive possibilities within the visual arts, covering painting and sculpture, as well as photography, film, video, conceptual art, and computer media. Topics to be covered include classical, modern, and postmodern relationships to politics, vision, the mind, the body, psychology, gender, difference, and technological innovation. Students will see and understand how artists have integrated perceptions of their historical moment, as well as physical and social space, into creative practices that have, in turn, had a significant impact on the culture of the time.

LIBAR-UE 171 (Was E52.0171/E17.0060) Theatre as Art Form
This course introduces non-majors to theatre as a live and performing art through a variety of experiences including attendance at live performances, readings of play scripts, and theoretical texts, and the creation of original plays. Through lectures, discussions, and written assignments, students will explore the roles of the playwright, actor, director, and designer in the production process, as well as examines the role of the audience in the live performance.

ARTCR-UE 0055/LIBAR-UE.0942 (Was E94.0055) Art of Now
This course examines the current developments in contemporary art over the past decade – the art of ‘now’ – from the viewpoint of an artist’s practice & working ideas, looking at current global art production in aesthetic, economic, & social contexts. The major movements in painting, photography, sculpture, installation & performance are examined. Readings will be drawn from first hand interviews & point-of-view accounts, reviews, & critique; a major emphasis on interviews & online studio visits will accompany the texts. Guest artist lectures & off-site museum & gallery viewings will complement the weekly visual presentations & theory conversations.