Program of Study for 2010-2011

BS in Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Program of Study for 2010-2011

Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders
CSDB - Communicative Sciences & Disorders
Program of Study Form 2010-2011

Liberal Arts Requirements

(64 Points)



Morse Academic Plan (MAP) Requirements

(40 Points)



Foreign Language




Expository Writing


V40.0100 Writing the Essay


E52.0110 The Advanced College Essay




Foundations of Contemporary Culture


Select one course from each of the following:


V55.04xx Texts and Ideas


V55.05xx Cultures and Contexts


E/ Societies & the Social Sciences (by advisement)


V55.07xx/E52.xxxx Expressive Culture






V55.0101 Quantitative Reasoning




Natural Sciences


V23.0006 Human Biology


Choose one (1) of the following:
Natural Science I courses:
V55.0202; V55.0203; V55.0204; V55.0205
V55.0206; V55.0209; V55.0214


Other Liberal Arts Requirements

(24 Points)



E63.0010 Survey of Developmental Psychology: Introduction


V89.0001 Introduction to Psychology 4
V89.0010 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences


Unrestricted Liberal Arts Elective



Specialization Requirements

(64 Points)


Specialization Requirements

(54 Points)

E34.0008 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism 3
E34.0009 Neuroanatomy and Physiology of Communication 3
E34.0017 Introduction to Communicative Sciences & Disorders I 2
E34.0018 Introduction to Communicative Sciences & Disorders II 2
E34.0061 Phonetics & Phonetics of American English 3
E34.0402 Acoustic Phonetics 3
E34.1012 Introduction to Neurogenic Communication Disorders 3
E34.1015 Communication Disorders and Aging 3
E34.1045 Science and Neurology of Language 3
E34.1101 Introduction to Articulation Disorders 3
E34.1205 Audiology: Intervention Strategies for Children 3
E34.1207 Introduction to Language Disorders in Children 3
E34.1210 Reading and Writing in Children with Speech and Language Disorders 3
E34.1230 Introduction to Audiology 3
E34.1601 Language Development in Preschool Years 3
E59.1735 Intercultural Communication 4
E64.0091 American Sign Language: Level 1 4

Unrestricted Electives



Additional Requirements:

E03.0001 New Student Seminar Writing Proficency Examination  

Total Points Required


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