As part of a five year grant recently funded by National Institute of General Medical Sciences, under the National Institutes of Health, CRHEO will work alongside researchers from NYU’s Center for Neural Science, the Department of Psychology, and the Department of Teaching and Learning to prepare students from underserved high schools in New York City to become neuroscientists.

The project partners NYU researchers with 10 underserved public high schools across New York City to develop and implement a cutting-edge cognitive neuroscience curriculum with a new $1.3-million-dollar grant awarded from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. NYU researchers will provide the student-scientists and their teachers with the knowledge and practices to design and conduct neuroscience research studies in their own classrooms using portable, low-cost, yet highly sensitive devices that measure brain waves (electroencephalography or EEG). 

For more information on the project, click here. To learn about the Science Education Partnership Awards (SEPA) program, visit the National Institute of General Medical Sciences page.