This week, CRHEO's Gregory Wolniak will present findings from from recent work on the scope of differential tuition policies at four-year colleges and universities, in a policy-focused session at the 39th Annual EAIR Forum, hosted by the University of Porto in Portugal. 

In line with the theme of this year's forum, "Under Pressure? Higher Education Institutions Coping with Multiple Challenges," the presentation by authors, WolniakGeorge, and Nelson, characterizes how differential tuition policies may contribute to increased complexity in college costs reporting, and considers unintended consequences for student access. 

In another session, Wolniak and Center faculty affiliate Matthew Mayhew highlight challenges and corresponding recommendations based on the most recent comprehensive meta-analytic synthesis of college impact literature, published in the 3rd volume of How College Affects Students

For more on the Forum, visit the European Higher Education Society (EAIR) official conference site