Metrobaby and Metroteen Nanjing (China Project)

This project is a 5-year longitudinal, multi-method program of research aiming to understand adolescents and infants' social, emotional, and cognitive development and the ways that critical contexts of development (school, work, and parents' beliefs and practices) shape these developmental trajectories in a specific cultural context-China. We have followed the development of 1126 children and their families (416 families of infants and 710 families of adolescents) from Nanjing, China during two critical periods of developmental change --- ages 6 and 14 months, when the foundations of social and emotional development are emerging, and ages 11-13, when changes typically occur in social and emotional adjustment of adolescents. Observational, survey, qualitative, physiological, and genetic data were collected. This longitudinal investigation will contribute to the understanding of relationships between contexts and child development within a particular culture.