The Early Adolescent Cohort (EAC) studies of the Center for Research on Culture, Development and Education examines factors that shape the course of socio-emotional development, academic success, peer and parental relationships, and self perceptions among early and late adolescents as they move through middle and high school. Over 1000 adolescents have participated in our survey based studies over the course of middle school. A smaller sample of about 300 adolescents and their mothers (our intensive sample) also participated in in-depth interviews, with the goal of complementing information gleaned from survey based data with in-depth information about daily experiences around academics, peers, family relationships, race and gender.  We have continued to follow adolescents and mothers in the intensive sample over the transition to high school and through their junior and senior year. Thus, the EAC studies focus on issue of great relevance to adolescents and families over a wide swath of the adolescent years.