Diana Andrade

 Diana Andrade began working at the Center for Research on Culture, Development, and Education in January 2008 as a volunteer. During the summer of 2010 Diana began working full-time as the project manager for the Early Adolescent Cohort. She obtained her B.A. in Psychology at New York University. At the CRCDE Diana was in charge of administrative tasks and data collection for the Early Adolescent Cohort. Her interests include how racial socialization shapes adolescents' identities and group dynamics.





Irene Wu

 Irene Wu has been working at the Center for Research on Culture, Development, and Education for three years, one as a volunteer, and two as the program manager for the Early Childhood Cohort. She obtained her B.A. in Social Work at Soochow University in Taiwan, and her M.A. in Educational Psychology at NYU. At CRCDE, Irene is in charge of the MetroBaby Project, including both administrative tasks and data collection. Her interests include the cultural differences between parent-child relationships, specifically on the different ways education (achievements, daily routines, mannerisms, parental goals, etc.) is viewed at home, and how it prepares children for school.


Kristina Zosuls


Kristina Zosuls received her Ph.D. in social psychology with a concentration in developmental psychology from NYU in 2009. Her doctoral thesis, which concerned children’s early gender development, was based on data she collected as a graduate student at the CRCDE. She is currently an assistant research professor in Arizona State University. Her research focuses on children’s gender development, including the development of gender identity and gender-stereotyped behaviors, and children's relationships with same- and other-gender children. Her research has also explored various aspects of the development of ethnic identity, such as the changing meaning of ethnic identity among elementary school aged children.
Lucy Zhang

Lucy Zhang worked at the CRCDE for three years, first as a volunteer and fieldworker, then later as a project manager for the Early Adolescent Cohort. She began at the CRCDE during her undergraduate training at New York University, in conjunction with a course in Research Methods, under the direction of Dr. Diane Hughes. Following that project, she transitioned into full-time project coordinator and pursued a Masters in Psychology at NYU. She hopes to pursue clinical psychology and human development, with particular interest paid to cultural differences in mental health services.


Julia Raufman

Julia Raufman worked at the Center for Research on Culture, Development, and Education for two years as program manager. She obtained her B.A. in anthropology and Spanish from Skidmore College and completed a Masters degree in International Education at NYU. At the CRCDE, Julia worked with the Early Adolescent Cohort’s Project RAP study and the Early Childhood Cohort’s Metrobaby Project as both a fieldworker and an administrator for each project. Her interests include immigration and cross-cultural exchange.


Diane Elliott

undefinedDiane Elliot was a Research Assistant at the CRCDE and completed her doctoral program in Education Administration.  Her research interests focus on the influence of psychosocial characteristics on student academic outcomes. She is currently collaborating with Diane Hughes on a manuscript that examines the longitudinal trajectories of a group of diverse middle school students’ self-efficacy. Her dissertation focuses on the way academic and social self efficacies influence student’s persistence in higher education.  She holds a Bachelor's Degree from Villanova University and a J.D. from Rutgers University.