SRCD Strategic Planning Grant Conference: Infants' Learning of Multiple Languages

SRCD Strategic Plan Award

Dr. Catherine Tamis-LeMonda and Dr. Lulu Song have received an Society for Research on Child Developement Strategic Plan Grant of $20,000 to host a conference on U.S. infants' multilingual development at New York University.

Conference Details: Infants' Learning of Multiple Languages

The population of children born to immigrant parents in North America continues to grow. Many of these children confront the challenge of navigating two cultural worlds, which typically includes learning two languages. Prior studies on children from diverse cultural and language backgrounds have largely focused on developments during the preschool years and later. Yet language development undergoes rapid growth and remarkable change during the first two years, rendering a need for research on infants. The SRCD Strategic Plan grant will fund a small-scale 2-day conference at New York University, at which we will bring together scholars who apply cutting-edge methodologies to researching foundational processes in infants’ learning of multiple languages. Emphasis will be on language development in different Latino populations (e.g., Mexicans, Dominicans) as well as other multilingual groups (e.g., Chinese). This conference exemplifies SRCD’s strategic plan by highlighting multiple methods and perspectives in early language development in the context of cultural diversity.

Conference Schedule

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Roster of Attendees

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