Come see us at Society for Research on Child Development 2011


 Thursday, March 31st

8:20am - 10:00am

Individual Differences in Skepticism: Paper 1: (Sometimes) Mother Knows Best: Infants' Use of Social and Self-Generated Information for Guiding Action Karen E. Adolph, Lana B. Karasik, Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda Room: Palais de Congres 521 BC

10:20am - 12:00pm

Grant Writing for Student and Early Career Members: Chair: Jessica Salvatore Panelists: Laurie Chassin, Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda, Christina J. Weiland, Cheryl Anne Boyce Room: Palais de Congres 510 B

12:30pm- 2:10pm

Maternal Support of Infants' Skills Across Different Contexts and Cultures: Paper 2: Parent-Infant Interactions across Nested Time Frames, Developmental Domains, and Cultural Communities Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda, Ronit Kahana-Kalman, Ashley E. Smith Leavell, Lulu Song, Florrie Fei-Yin Ng, Hirokazu Yoshikawa Room: Palais de Congres 517 A

Friday April 1


8:20am - 10:00am

Parenting and Its Link to Child Outcomes Across Different Cultural Settings: Paper 3: Parent-Child Language and Literacy Interactions in Ethnically Diverse U.S. Families Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda, Ronit Kahana-Kalman, Hirokazu Yoshikawa Room: Palais de Congres 511 F

 Young Children's Self Regulation in Context: Growth and Processe: Paper 5: Emotion Regulation Skills and Strategies among Mexican, Dominican and African American Toddlers Jacqueline Saleh, Ronit Kahana-Kalman, Magdalena Podgorny, Miyoung Lee and Alison Magier Palais des congrès 513 AB


Undocumented Immigrant Parents and Their Children's Development Paper 2: Everyday Experiences of Being an Undocumented Parent: Associations With Early Child Learning
Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Jenya Kholoptseva Palais des congrès 520 F

12:30pm - 2:10pm

Race-Related Factors Contributing to Academic Declines for Ethnic Minority and Immigrant Early Adolescents Paper 1: The Role of Youths' Perceived Educational Utility in Predicting School Engagement During Transition From Middle to High School Stacey Alicea Paper 2: Does Being From an Immigrant Background Predict Academic Engagement in Middle School Adolescents? María G. Hernández, Diane L. Hughes, Niobe Way Paper 3: Middle School Academic Decline: The Role of Public Regard, Racial Socialization and Parent Involvement for Black and Latino Youth Rebecca Kang McGill, Diane L. Hughes, Stacey Alicea, Niobe Way Palais des congrès 518 B

2:30pm - 4:10pm

Constructing Identities in Context: The Role of Schools in Adolescent Identity Development Paper 3: School Ethnic Composition and Ethnic Identity: A Qualitative Exploration of White, Black, Chinese, and Dominican Adolescents María G. Hernández, Niobe Way, Diane L. Hughes, Lucy Zhang, Lisa Silverman, Diana Andrade, Roshan Hegde, Julia Raufman Palais des congrès 520 A

Saturday April 2

 10:20am - 12:00pm

Positive Supports for the Development of Minority Children: A Mixed Methods Approach: Paper 4: Academic Achievement of Low-income Minority Children in Early Adolescence: Links to Early and Concurrent Father Involvement Karen E. McFadden, Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda, Natasha Cabrera, Jacqueline Dee Shannon Room: Palais de Congres 513 CD

The Child as a Learner: The Role of Parents in Intergenerational Transmission of Cultural Models: Paper 2: Children's Internalization of Parents' Beliefs About Learning: A Multi-Ethnic Study Across Early Childhood Florrie Fei-Yin Ng, Irene Nga-Lam Sze, Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda Room: Palais de Congres 524 B

12:30pm -2:10pm

Complicating Masculinity in International Contexts: Race, Gender, Sexuality, Psychological Well-Being, and Academic Engagement Paper 2: Masculinity Beliefs and Psychological Well-Being Across USA and China: Results From a Cross-Cultural Analysis Taveeshi Gupta, Niobe Way, Rebecca Kang McGill, Carlos E. Santos, Diane L. Hughes Paper 3: Racially/Ethnically Diverse Boys' Trajectories of Academic Engagement and Resistance to Norms of Masculinity During Middle School Carlos E. Santos, Niobe Way, Diane L. Hughes Palais des congrès 525 AB

2:30pm - 4:10pm

Using Convergent Measures to Explore Latino Infants' Multilingual Development; Paper 3: Language Context, Language Experiences, and Lexical Development in Dominican and Mexican Infants across the First Two Years Lulu Song, Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda and Hirokazu Yoshikawa Room: Palais de Congres 524 A

Adolescent Close Friendships: The Influence of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture on Interpersonal and Individual Outcomes Paper 1: Relations Between School and Family Support and Friendship Quality: Self-Esteem and Depression as Mediators Yueming Jia, Niobe Way, Xinyin Chen, Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Yang Qu, Diane L. Hughes, Zuhong Lu Paper 2:Other- and Same-Race Best Friends in Middle School: Links to Well-Being, Best Friendship Quality, and Peer Racialized Harassment Rebecca Kang McGill, Niobe Way, Diane L. Hughes Palais des congrès 519 A

4:30pm - 6:10pm

Cultural Diversity, Executive Function Construct Definition in Preschool, and Links to School Readiness: Paper 1: Executive Function as a Predictor of Pre-Mathematics Skills: A Multi-Ethnic Investigation Florrie Fei-Yin Ng, Irene Nga-Lam Sze, Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda, Hirokazu Yoshikawa Room: Palais de Congres 511 B


Thursday, March 31st


 12:10pm - 1:50pm

Maternal Teaching of Literacy: Differences by Education and Ethnicity, and Implications for Children's Letter Knowledge: Irene Nga-Lam Sze, Florrie Fei-Yin Ng, Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda, Emerald Shee Poster Session 3, Board 204 Palais 220 CDE

2:10pm - 3:50pm

Demanding Kin Relations and Adjustment and Parenting: Moderating Effects of Religious Support Among African American Mothers Ronald D. Taylor, Mia Budescu, Elizabeth I. Lopez, Rebecca Kang McGill Palais des congrès 220 CDE

The Development of Emotion Knowledge in Ethnically Diverse Children: Ronit Kahana-Kalman, Jennifer Ledesma, Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda, Shella Marder Poster Session 4, Board 125 Palais 220 CDE 

Friday, April 1

 8:00am - 9:40am

From Scribbles to Words: Maternal Support of Emergent Writing in Low-Income Mexican, African American and Dominican Children: Diana Leyva, Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda, Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Elizabeth Barbara Epstein, Miyoung Lee, Shella Marder, Maria Melendez, Magdalena Podgorny Poster Session 6, Board 209 Palais 220 CDE

10:00am - 11:40am

Movement Opportunities at 5, 9 and 21-months: The Influence of Gender and Activity Level: Ashley E. Smith Leavell, Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda, Diane N. Ruble, Laurie Scherer, Laura Ana Scudellari Poster Session 7, Board 243 Palais 220 CDE 

12:10pm - 1:50pm

Interpersonal Relationships Among Chinese and Chinese American Adolescents Yang Qu, Yueming Jia, Niobe Way Palais des congrès 220 CDE

Mothers' Response to Infant Object Sharing: Lana B. Karasik, Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda, and Karen E. Adolph Poster Session 8, Board 211 Palais 220 CDE

Saturday April 2

10:00am - 11:40am

American Identity: The Missing Link Between Acculturation and Adolescent Outcomes Lucy Zhang, Niobe Way, Diane L. Hughes Palais des congrès 220 CDE

Preschoolers' Conceptions of What Other People Think of Their Gender Group: Ingroup Bias and Associations With Television Viewing: May Ling Halim, Diane N. Ruble, Ashley E. Smith Leavell, Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda Poster Session 11, Board 134 Palais 220 CDE

What Happened Then? Questions Mothers ask During Book-sharing With 3-Year-Olds: Maria-Paula Garcia, Yana Kuchirko, Eva Liang, Griselda Fernandez, Naomi D. Chakofsky-Lewy Poster Session 11, Board 130 Palais 220 CDE

The Importance of Parents' Social Networks and Information Utilization in Navigating Applying to High Schools in an Urban City Diane C. Elliott, María G. Hernández, Diane L. Hughes Palais des congrès 220 CDE

Qualitative Analysis of Book-Sharing Across Cultures: Eva Liang, Maria-Paula Garcia, Yana Kuchirko, Melissa Christie, Irene Wu Poster Session 11, Board 129 Palais 220 CDE

12:10pm - 1:50pm

Cultural Differences in Preschoolers' Book-Reading Experiences: Irene Wu, Lulu Song, Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda, Alan L. Mendelsohn Poster Session 12, Board 109 Palais 220 CDE  

2:10pm - 3:50pm

Hard Times Ahead: Changes in Family Income and Changes in Mothers' Perceptions of Income Adequacy Predicting Financial Worry Carly Tubbs, Diane L. Hughes Palais des congrès 220 CDE,

4:10pm - 5:50pm

Early Feeding Practices: Soda, Fast Food and Fried Food Consumption of Ethnically Diverse Children at 14, 24 and 36 Months: Lindsey N. Lockman Dougherty, Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Carlos Eduardo de Sousa, Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda, Megan Mullan Poster Session 14, Board 96 Palais 220 CDE


Lunch with the Leaders

Saturday 12:30pm 2:10pm

Intercontinental Hotel - La Cave, Les Huîtres, Les Voûtes

Leader 15: Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Harvard University