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Deans Global Honors:Food/Culture/Globalization: NYC/Sydney

This course investigates current transformations in the food systems & food cultures of New York City & Sydney, Australia, under conditions of globalization. Globalization is transforming major cities into dynamic centers of capital flows, produce, people, & culture, reconstituting neighborhoods, city centers, & their agrarian peripheries, in complex relationships to each other & to other cities, nations & regions. As a course in new sensory urbanism this curriculum seeks to expand the traditional scope and range of the studied senses from sight (art, architecture) & sound (music), to smell, taste & touch, so as to rethink what it means to be a modern urban subject engaged in the pleasures & powers of consumption.

Liberal Arts Core/CORE-MAP Equivalent - satisfies the requirement for Cultures & Contexts

Course #
FOOD-UE 8181
Spring, Fall