NYU Steinhardt

Physical Therapy Interventions/Prevention Programs/ Wellness Programs for the Musculoskeletal System

  • Course Number: PT-GE 2261
  • Hours: 60
  • Units: 4
  • Description: Students will establish a safe & effective physical therapy plan of care; establish goals & functional outcomes that specify expected time duration; define achievable patient or client outcomes with available resources; monitor & adjust the plan of care in response to patient or client status; provide direct physical therapy intervention of achieve patient or client outcomes based on the examination & on the impairment, functional limitations, & disability; promote optimal health by providing information on wellness, impairment , disease, disability & health risks related to age, gender, culture & lifestyle; provide primary, secondary or tertiary care to patients in collaboration with other practitioners in settings supportive of comprehensive & complex services based on patient?s or client?s goals & expected functional outcomes & on knowledge of one?s own & other?s capabilities,
  • Old Course Number: E44.2261