NYU Steinhardt

Biophysical Agents II (Electrotherapeutic Modalities)

  • Course Number: PT-GE 2218
  • Hours: 45
  • Units: 3
  • Description: Application of electrotherapeutic modalities, including alternating, direct, & pulsed current (e.g. high voltage galvanic stimulation, interferential current), neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), functional electrical stimulation (FES) for improving posture for movement, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), iontophoresis, electrical muscle stimulation, & biofeedback in order to: modulate or decrease pain; reduce or eliminate soft tissue inflammation caused by musculoskeltelal, neuromuscular, peripheral vascular, or integumentary injury, disease, developmental delay, or surgery; maintain strength after injury or surgery; decrease unwanted muscular activity; assist muscle contraction in gait or other functional training; or increase the rate of healing of open wounds.
  • Old Course Number: E44.2218